10.5 inch iPad Pro may launch later this year

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Apple has long been rumored to launch three new iPad models this year. In reality, the Cupertino Company released its new 9.7 inch iPad alongside a RED iPhone 7/7Plus a few days ago. Simply called the iPad, the new tablet is priced at only $329, making it the cheapest 9.7 inch iPad in the market. However, a new 9.7 inch iPad is not the only thing we are expecting to see from Apple this year.


Cupertino-based Company is believed to launch its brand new 10.5 inch iPad Pro with bezel-free design. There have been a lot of rumors floating around Apple’s new bezel-free iPad Pro, but it remains unclear when Apple will be launching the new tablet. Latest rumors claim that Apple will be unveiling its bezel-less 10.5 inch iPad Pro at an event at its new Apple Park in early April.

However, tech analysts today say that the new 10.5 inch iPad Pro has not entered into production, and the new tablet will not make its debut until later this year. This means that users will have to wait longer to lay their hands on the world’s most anticipated tablet. According to reports, the bezel-less 10.5 iPad Pro will come out alongside iPhone 8 this September, but many find these reports to be somewhat implausible, as launching two products with premium components will put a lot of pressure on Apple’s supply chain. In reality, Apple is dealing with supply chain issues that may force the company to equip its upcoming iPhone 8 with OLED panel only.

As for design, it remains unclear if the new 10.5 inch iPad Pro will sport a true bezel-less or slim bezels design. However, tech analysts say that it is possible that the new tablet will come with a true bezel-less design that is likely to match with the upcoming iPhone 8. Rumors are just rumors and all we have to do now is to wait and stay tuned.

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