12 tips and tricks to spend less time on iOS 10 (P2)

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In the previous article, we showed 6 first tips and tricks to help you spend less time on your iOS device. Today, we will introduce the remaining tips supported by Apple to help iOS users do much more with your device.

  1. Smart image recognition


Photos application now will use artificial intelligence to manage your photos. For example, it can identify the Eiffel Tower in your photos, and determine that you were in Paris with your mother and aunt.

Moreover, when you can type in “Paris” into the search frame, the returned results are all the images you have taken in Paris. Alternatively, you search for “Mother”, and the app will pull up those photos among others that include your mother

Surely, you could think that Apple stole this feature from Google, but now it is real, and artificial intelligence is the future, and something like this is just one of many interesting features that artificial intelligence can be realized.

  1. New features of Apple Music

Apple Music has also received a pretty redesign. The biggest changes in the app are visual, but you would be surprised by how much the impact of the visual changes could have on navigating your phone.


When you open the Music app, you will be taken straight to the “library” tab, which lists the songs you have heard recently and other songs you might want to hear at that moment. That should help you avoid having to dig through your music to find songs to listen to. If you are halfway through an album, you will be listening to. Other changes include the lyrics embedded into the app with larger fonts to view easier.

  1. Home app allows controlling your smart home

If you own smart devices such as lights, fans, air conditioners or heaters… in your house, now you will be able to control your entire smart home straight from the Home app on iOS 10.


The Home app will play a bigger role in your life and your home will be smarter. This represents Apple’s ambition for “encroaching” into the field of smart houses. Instead of manufacturing the smart devices to compete with other companies, Apple allows users to control them through Home app.

  1. Get news quickly with Apple News app


Apple News got a big upgrade on iOS 10, not just in terms of design, but it has also been added some of its features. Feature stories and “editors pick” stories will now be delivered to you in the form of notifications, meaning that you will get top stories for reading. In addition, you can also “subscribe” some favorite newspapers on this application.

  1. Raise to Wake feature


“Raise to wake” is an extremely interesting feature. It gives you the ability to see the time and notifications without needing to press the Power button. You just pick up your iPhone and the lock screen will be turned on. However, this feature is only available on some newer iPhones like iPhone SE, 6S, 6S Plus, 7 and 7 Plus.

  1. Parked car reminders


Have you ever felt “lost” in the parking lot when you do not remember where your car is? Fortunately, on iOS 10, there will be no chance for this to occur.  There is a feature that works in conjunction with Apple CarPlay, and appears in the form of a notification. You just tap on the notification and a map will show up directing you to your car.

You do not need CarPlay to use the feature; it can also connect automatically via Bluetooth systems.

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