12 tips and tricks to spend less time on iOS 10(P1)

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The official version of iOS 10 has now been released, and it has already changed  the way people use their iPhones/ iPads. The best new features on iOS 10 involve shortcuts to make your daily use faster, easier, and time-savers than the previous iOS versions.

Here are 12 cool new tips and tricks that will make you easier to use your iPhone/ iPad.

  1. Universal Clipboard


If you are a fan of Apple, you probably have more than one Apple device. One of the strengths on iOS 10 is the ability that allows you to work on any Apple device with almost the same experience. You will no longer be stuck with content on one device, just simply copy photos or text on one device, then paste it on another, all without any special commands. It works just as copy/paste before, but now it can work across multiple devices.

  1. Smarter QuickType


Apple Keyboard QuickType has now become smarter on iOS 10 – it can now understand the context. That means, for example, if a friend asks you where you are, the keyboard will realize that and suggest you send location data, which you can do just by a tap of a button.

Of course, QuickType can do much better than that. It can also learn your typing habits and then correct your mistyped words.

  1. Access the camera by swiping left

A small new feature, but extremely useful if you regularly take selfies or take beautiful photos. For previous iOS versions, to access the camera you have to slide from the bottom corner up. It is tiny and often out-of-reach. Now, on iOS 10, you are able to swipe from right to the left anywhere on the screen to automatically bring up the camera. It is a much convenient than before.


To capture a moment if it takes too long to open camera, that moment could be missed, or you want to take that selfie as soon as possible. Apple knows how it is important to quickly access to the camera. That is why it they added camera access from the lock screen on the latest iOS version.

  1. Use 3D Touch for notifications


Notification messages are a great way for you to get a quick glance at something such as a text, an email, or a reminder for an event. It is great that iOS 10 allows you to interact with these messages by using 3D Touch. When you receive a notification, you can use the 3D Touch to pull up a variety of options for interacting with the notification. If it is a text message, you are able to answer right from the lock screen. If there is a missed call, you may be able to call that person instantly and so on. You can even see a progress bar that allows you to track the route of the Uber car you have just called.

All this will help you stay in your day-to-day without having to stare at the phone anymore

  1. Siri is finally able to “communicate” with the third-party apps


This is probably one of the biggest changes of iOS 10. Siri is no longer limited in stock Apple apps; developers can enable Siri in their apps, which means you will be able to ask Siri to perform a certain task in a third-party app. For example, you can now be able to ask Siri to send a WeChat message to your friend and Siri will do exactly your request. There will be Siri support in a range of third-party apps, including Slack, Uber, Run Keeper, Shutterfly and more. With the iOS 10, Siri will become a great way for you to interact with your phone without the need to look at your device.

  1. Internal apps for iMessage

Interface of iMessages on iOS has  changed. It has been added with inline video, inline link previews, and the ability to replace emoji words with the proper emojis just a tap on each highlighted word.


In addition, there are other small apps running inside iMessage, which let you create new ways to interact with your friends using iPhone/iPad. For instance, with apps such as JibJab, you can put your face on an animated character that dances around the screen. You will not have to exit the application to access message features – all apps are integrated in your iMessage, which will help you save time in searching for things like GIFs

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