16 Tips for New iPhone Users : iPhone Tips

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Relatives pleased you with the new iPhone for the coming holidays? Or maybe you have decided to pamper yourself? Congratulations on taking our ranks! Among the variety of functions of the new smartphone it is easy to get lost but this will not happen, because we have prepared the material, which will greatly facilitate your familiarity with the iPhone.


Although, we cannot describe all features of iPhone,but you can always learn in detail from the Guide section . And here’s another: most of the tips apply to the iPad.

1 How to Use folders in iOS 7 – iPhone Trick


You can place individual applications into folders for easy management. Hold down the icon of the application that you want to put in a folder and drag it on top of another application. Once you release your finger, application will create a directory and will already be in it – you only need to flip new applications in it. You can also rename the folder by clicking on its name and writing a new one.

The folder containing the applications can be put on the screen and another desktop. To do this, hold down the icon of the application on another desktop and drag it to the edge (left or right, depending on at what desktop you are going to move it), and after the place in the folder. Once the process is completed, click Home .

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2 Why you should use Google Maps – iPhone Tip


Standard application maps from Apple is working well, but a competing application from Google has proved much better. In order to download the application Google Maps just open App Store and type in search: Google Maps.

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3 Turn off Automatic Updating of Content – Smart iPhone Tip


Sometimes applications continue to run in the background, downloading information from the Internet or using geolocation. All this greatly affects the battery life. In order to remove such process, go to Settings -> General -> Update content and disable unnecessary applications.

4 Uncover all the Application’s Compass


Standard application Compass has a built-in level. In order to take advantage of this indispensable work tool, go to the app compass and do a “swipe” to the right.

5 Set up Social Networks


If you are actively using social media, then you just need to sync your iPhone with Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and Vimeo for quick access from any application or Web browser. Entering credentials only once, you will forget about this operation – iOS itself will expose your data as needed. You can do this by going to Settings and scroll down to social networks.

6 Use the blacklist


In iOS 7 with iPhone users there is a unique opportunity to skid unwanted callers into the black list. To do this, go to Settings -> Phone -> Blocked and click Add . Once you enter a phone number he could no longer get through your number or send SMS.

7 Set the Automatic Application Updates


Applications installed on your iPhone can be automatically updated. In order to set up this process, go to Settings -> iTunes Store, App Store and make sure the switch updates enabled. In the same menu, you can set automatic download software or music purchased on other devices.

8 Be aware of Application Updates


You can see which applications have been updated, as well as what changes have occurred to them going to the standard application App Store and clicking on the profile updates at the bottom right of the screen.

9 Keep Track of Sending SMS-messages


Check what time it was sent or received an SMS-message can be conducted from right to left while reading a message (in this case it is necessary to keep a finger).

10 Copy text SMS-message


In order to copy text SMS-message, hold, hold it – the pop-up window appear, click Copy . By clicking More , you will see additional opportunities to work with text messaging and can, for example, to remove unnecessary.

11 Use Multitasking


You can quickly switch between open applications on the iPhone, double-clicking the Home, panel of multitasking, you can also close applications all together.

12 Use the control point


Swipe up from the bottom of the screen to access the control point . In it, you can quickly turn on / off the main functions of your iPhone: Airplane Mode, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, DND and others. Here, too, you can control the music and the rapid discovery of the basic standard applications.

13 Protect your iPhone


iPhone tracks the history of pages you visit on the basis of which the ad units. If you do not want Apple to track this information, go to Settings -> Security -> Advertising and make sure the switch is limited to tracking advertising moved to the active position.

14 Turn off the annoying animation


iOS 7 – the most animated mobile operating system of Apple. But ,if you start getting irritate with it, go to Settings -> General -> Accessibility -> Decrease the movement and move the switch to the active position.

15 Start using Spotlight search


iPhone has a built-in Spotlight , which allows you to find  any information from your smartphone completely i.e ,from the names in the contact list to the name of the any application. Get access to the search bar Spotlight that can be spent down in the middle of the screen.

16 Use the Notification Center


Thanks to the Notification Center , you can get a quick picture of your day, knowing the weather conditions and scheduled in the Calendar for today’s and tomorrow’s matter.You can Configure the content display in the Notification Center, by going to Settings -> Notification Center .


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