250 New Emoji Characters in Future Versions of iOS ?

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The Unicode Consortium has announced version 7.0 of the standard that will see the introduction of 250 new emoji and you are likely to see in future versions of iOS and Android systems. Among them also a raised middle finger.


More likely to describe the emotions with a symbol, including sending someone to hell.That is what will allow us to do the Unicode Consortium thanks to the 7.0 version of Emoji, the popular “emoticons” that are used in chat rooms, in email, on Facebook and so on.


It is 250 new characters-image and that are likely to see in future versions of iOS and Android systems and, according to reports from the consortium, the new characters were derived mainly from the symbols used in the font Wingdings and Webdings. In practice we have said a bit ‘of everything: the symbols of weather, transportation, arrows, maps, computer components, and even a raised middle finger. The latter, as mentioned will be useful aa let you know our interlocutor with few (or zero) words, that what he has said or done, has, euphemistically, annoyed.

It is likely that this sentiment can be expressed also on iOS. The special characters known as “Emoji“, are available on the iPhone and iPad and also on newer versions of OS X, you can use the same way as emoticons to express a thought quickly, a state of mind, and so on; first appreciated in Japan, have become popular in other countries.


On iOS Apple had originally planned the possibility of exploiting the emoji only when the selected language of the system was the Japanese; iOS 5 on the keyboard with the special characters in question can be called regardless of the system language. The use of Emoji was introduced in OS X version 10.7 “Lion” on. With the newer versions of the operating system from the “Edit” menu in the Finder, you can call the “Special Characters” and hence also display the emoji characters Alternatively, you can simultaneously press cmd + ctrl + space directly by writing applications while you are writing.

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