3 Best iTunes Alternatives Tool for Jailbroken iPhone & iPad

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iTunes – a powerful software developed by Apple allows users to perform many important actions on their iOS devices.

Some of these ranging from getting out of DFU Mode, recovery mode, downgrade a firmware, restore the device, and most importantly, transfer media files from a computer to the iPhone or iPad.

 There is so much to explore in the iTunes that sometimes users feel lost and the software is not reliable in some cases. Since Apple has recently made changes for iTunes, its overall interface is amazing, but it is bloated and hard to do a simple task such as moving a music file or video to the iOS devices.

In this post, we will list some of best iTunes alternatives that mostly focus on users with a jailbroken device. Utilities with features like transferring media files such as songs, videos, installing .IPA (unsigned applications), and podcasting are covered in this review.

  1. PwnTunes

PwnTunes will be the first choice for the iTunes alternatives. Users do not have to download any separate software on your computer, not even iTunes. Instead, they can directly get it for their iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad from Cydia.

  1. Jailbreak the device
  2. Open up Cydia > Sections > Data Storage
  3. Look for PwnTunes > Install

Recently, PwnTunes has supported for iOS 9, so it is great news for users who just updated to Apple’s latest firmware.

Install the tweak and run, connect the iPhone or iPad to a computer, open up the device’s directory from the PC.


There are more folders than before because PwnTunes give users an access to the music files as well as others. In other words, users do not have to open iTunes, synchronizing and updating process again. All they have to do is drag and drop any media files they wish to transfer to the appropriate folder.

Unfortunately, this tweak is not available for Mac OS X users. Users can grab the latest copy of PwnTunes for iOS 9 from Cydia’s default repository for $12.99.

    2.   iFunbox

iFunbox is more than just a simple iTunes alternative, this utility provides features that users can use to manage files and applications. Just like PwnTunes, iPhone users can drag and drop music or any media files from a computer and import them to their device. Furthermore, they can also export existent pictures or videos from the iOS device to PC.


For all the iOS developers, they can use iFunbox to install their own unsigned application (.IPA) for testing purposes before submitting it to the App Store. It has been known as people utilize iFunbox for illegal activities using this feature; however, if users know how to use it correctly, this software will be a “best friend” to debugs and find problems.

Finally yet importantly, using iFunbox, iOS users will have total control over their internal system files, explore insides the App Sandbox, use iPhone as a USB drive, and overall it is free.

  3.     PodTrans

PodTrans is an iTunes alternative that just has one single feature, transferring media files to user’s iPhone and it is completely free. PodTrans is one of the top software that let you transfer music, videos, movies, and podcasts without requiring an iTunes installation.

PodTrans also has drag and drop feature which make things a lot easier for beginners. Users can download this software for either the Mac or Windows on iMobie page.


Those are some of the best iTunes alternatives that we had a chance to use with our iPhone to import and export media files. Let us know which one is your favorite software in the comment section below.


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