5 Cool Tips to Enhance iTunes

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iTunes is probably the most used software of Apple. If you own an iOS device, there is almost no way that you don’t use iTunes, as it is built to manage your updates, music, movies, apps and more. In this article, we will show you 5 best cool tips to enhance your iTunes.


  1. Improve sound quality in iTunes


If you want your iTunes to sound as well as your speaker/headset/earphone, you can easily improve the internal quality. The most obvious method is to use iTunes built-in equalizer. You can go to Window – Equalizer menu or use Command + Option + E to open it. Check the On box to activate, and choose a pre-setting sound. You can also set each frequency channel manually.


If you want to improve the overall Mac sound quality, you can use the Boom 2 (US$ 14.99) application. The app will analyze your system and set the best sound setting for it. Moreover, you can add sound effects, and control the system volume.

  1. Navigate easier with iTunes keyboard shortcuts

Many apps support keyboard shortcuts for users to perform easier, and iTunes is not an exception.


Here is the list of shortcut key combinations on the Mac you should remember to perform operations easily.

Play back

  • Play/Pause – Space
  • Stop – Command + Period (.)
  • Next/Previous – Command + Right/Left Arrow
  • Volume Up/Down – Command + Up/Down Arrow
  • Show Equalizer – Command + Option + E
  • Switch to Mini Player – Command + Shift + M


  • Go to Music – Command + 1
  • Go to Movies – Command + 2
  • Go to TV Shows – Command + 3
  • Go to Apps – Command + 7


  • Get Info– Command + I
  • Show in Finder– Command + Shift + R
  • Add to Library – Command + O


  1. Add songs automatically from external source

To add other items to your iTunes library, you can use File – Add to Library (Command + O). However, the easiest way is using Automatically Add to iTunes folder.


When you browse to the iTunes folder, you can find a folder named Automatically Add to iTunes. Any compatible media file you put in the folder will be added to iTunes library.

You can also drag and drop media files to library after you add the folder to Finder left sidebar.


  1. Remote Control iTunes Using iPhone/ iPad

Apple created a simple iOS app called Remote (free) that can help you remote iTunes through your iPhone/iPad. The app will turn your devices into a remote control for iTunes or Apple TV. The requirement for the app to work is that all devices must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network.


If you do not like the Remote app of Apple, you can also use an app called Boom 2 Remote (free) from third party to do  the same thing. Besides similar features like Remote app, it can also control global equalizers, sound effects; and even relevant to other media players such as VLC, Quicktime….


  1. Search and add lyrics automatically

For many users, song lyrics play an essential part of the music experience. However, if you have thousands of songs in your library, it is too difficult for you to add lyrics manually to the songs.


There is an app that helps you add lyrics to any song you like. It is Singer Song Reader (free). The app will automatically search, add, and display lyrics to the currently played song. All you have to do is open the app while you play music in your iTunes library. (require internet connection). You can also add lyrics for selected songs if you want.


Above are 5 cool tips to enhance your iTunes. If you have other useful iTunes tips and tricks, please share with us in  the comment below.



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