5 Facebook Messenger tips you should know about

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Facebook Messenger ranks among the most used messaging apps on the market. The Messenger app is getting better every year, with the introduction of new features and major changes. If you are new to the Facebook Messenger app, you should know that the app is far more capable than you are expecting.

In reality, the Messenger app is no longer restricted to sending and receiving messages. It also has a number of hidden features that meet your messaging needs. With that in mind, we have compiled a list of the best Facebook Messenger tips you need to know.

Before we begin, make sure that you now have the latest version of Messenger on your device. If not, update your app first. To update an app on iOS, head to the App Store and select the Updates tab. On Android, launch the Play Store and slide out the left menu. After that, select Apps section and update your app.

5 Facebook Messenger tips you need to know

  1. Create your own Facebook chatbot

Chatbot is one of the newest additions to the Messenger app, allowing users to have a conversation with a computer program. Basically, Facebook’s chatbot offers you a number of pre-programmed responses, and they come in handy if you are busy and cannot read your messages.

With a new version of the Messenger app, you now can create your own chatbot. To do this, open a Facebook page on your PC, then select Settings and hit Messaging. Once you are in, look for Response Assistant and click on Send Instant Replies to anyone who messages your Page.

  1. Shortcut

Facebook has been working pretty hard to improve its Messenger app since the day one. The company never stops adding new features and changes to its messaging platform in an attempt to compete with rivals. One such feature lies in the ability to bookmark your messages. Here is how:

Step one: Open the Messenger app on your phone

Step two: Once you are in, long-press on the person’s icon on the left side of the screen

Step three: Now just simply hit Create Shortcut.

  1. Create a short video

The Messenger not only allows you to send and receive text messages, but it also lets you send a short video. The best part is that you can make your own video right within the app.

To do this, launch the Messenger app on your device, then hit the camera button at the bottom center and hold down the shutter button. When you are done, let go of the shutter button and hit the Send button to send your message. You can also add emoji characters to your videos or use the filter to customize your video.

  1. Play a game

The Facebook Messenger app now lets you play games with your friends, without leaving your conversation. To do this, launch the Messenger app on your phone, then head to a conversation and hit the Plus icon. After that, hit the Game icon and enjoy your game. The Messenger will save your scores, so you can come back later.

  1. Share your messenger code

You can quickly add a contact to your Messenger list, without even opening their Facebook page, all made possible by a QR code. QR code is assigned to every Messenger account and can be shared with others. If you share your QR code with others, you will be added to their contacts list. Scanning a QR code will add a contact to your list.

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