5 important notes to avoid getting full iPhone storage

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One of challenges iOS users usually encounter is that their 16GB iPhone does not have  enough storage even if they do not install many apps or store big files. You check all folders and apps one by one, but still cannot know what eats up your iPhone storage. Here are five small tips to help you get rid of ‘full storage’ on your iPhone.

  1. Upload photos to the cloud


Taking photos or selfie is a hobby of many iOS users, but if you take too many photos, their iPhone’s storage  will be full

To solve this issue, you should open the Photos app and select important photos, upload them to the cloud storages services like Apple iCloud or Google Photos, then remove selected images from the iPhone memory.

For those who use Instagram app, it will save all your uploaded photos and videos on the iPhone’s storage, which can make your device full of capacity.

To disable this feature, just go to the Options section on the Instagram and turn the “Save Original Photos” feature off. This is a useful way to free up the iPhone space.


  1. Clean up ‘Recently Deleted’ folder


‘Recently Deleted’ folder stores the images and videos you have deleted. Its purpose is to help you restore certain images and videos easily in case you accidentally delete them. The data in ‘the Recently Deleted’ folder is only deleted completely after 40 days. Though this feature is very useful, it also eats up considerably your iPhone storage.

Go to Photos app> Albums> Recently Deleted, tap on ‘Select’ and then tap the ‘Delete All’ button on the bottom left to free up the iPhone space.


  1. Clean up emails


Almost of email apps now will automatically sync emails with the server and download them into the mailbox for you to check even when you do not have the data connection. This is convenient for those who usually work via mails, but containing too many emails will cause the full storage for your iPhone. Therefore, you should delete unnecessary emails as old emails, or advertisement emails.


  1. Listen to online music


Many users usually get used to downloading and saving songs, videos into iPhone to listen offline when they do not have the internet connection. However, a large number of music files can take up a lot of device storage, so you should consider using the online music services such as Apple Music, or Spotify. Moreover, Wi-Fi network becomes more popular, so listening to online music is also simpler than previous years.


  1. Restrict 4K video recording


With high models of Apple like iPhone 6s / 6s Plus, Apple has integrated 4K video recording feature, but the video files will take up a very large capacity. Therefore, if you just own a 16GB iPhone, you should only record the HD 720p or FullHD 1080p resolution videos. Moreover, if you have recorded 4K videos, you should store them on the computer, and then remove them from your device to free up space.

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