Top 5 News Apps for iPad | Get Latest News on your iPad

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  • Did you know that you can use your iPad or iPhone to read the news?
  • Below is the table of top 5 news apps and RSS readers .

Top 5 News Apps for iPhone, iPad and iPad Mini

Looking for applications to read articles, news and rumors of interest? Do you like using your iPhone, iPad or iPad Mini to discover what  is happening now? Then go preparing a coffee, because then you can enjoy the best news apps and RSS readers on your iOS device.


We have included very interesting applications, all free, and some of them that you can use without an internet connection, so you can get all the information at your fingertips in just a couple of “taps” and from anywhere.


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Top 5 news apps and RSS readers for iPhone, iPad and iPad Mini



The RSS reader is autonomasia Flipboard. A digital magazine that allows you to add a large number of sources and content that can be included using a very effective and advance search. You may add content to Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram and any other social network, website or blog. Do not forget to add us!

Appy Geek


Appy Geek is an application that provides technology news and has a really elegant and very, very organized design. The app gives users the ability to interact with each other by commenting and voting . Similar to Flipboard, in Appy Geek you may include those related to your tastes and interests news.



If you like movies and want to be aware of all curiosities, premieres and everything about your favorite series or movies do not hesitate to download Screenrush. A very interesting app that provides different sections on actors, movies, series, videos and news.



The official NASA App allow us to keep abreast of all information, news and current scientists who discover, astronauts and NASA employees. A special application that provides news, videos, pictures, TV and radio . The only catch: it’s in English. HD


If what you want is to be aware of the latest developments around sports, politics, science, travel and economics can count HD. A simple app that allows you  to read the newspaper from your iPad or iPhone and it’s completely free. It also has specialized apps as in each of the Spanish provinces newspaper.

These have been those that we consider some of the best news apps and RSS readers for iPhone, iPad and iPad Mini. We’ve tried to include apps belonging to each of the more interesting areas of society: film, technology, interviews , now … But if you know any other interesting app to read news on your iOS device, please do not hesitate to comment.Thank you!


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