6 important notes about jailbreaking iOS devices

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For Android devices, if you want to have system permissions, you must root your device. With iOS devices to access into system, you will need a jailbreak tool to do that. The jailbreak brings many benefits for users, but it sometimes causes some unpredictable bugs for your device. In this article, we will show 6 important notes you should know before jailbreaking your device.

  1. . Jailbreak


iOS is a closed operating system, so recording data from a third party to the system partition is blocked. Thus, it is difficult for users to exploit fully the features of the device.

Jailbreak is the concept of using software or technical solutions to access the system. Once jailbroken, you can fully control your device. Then you can install any tweaks you like from Cydia.

  1. Cydia


Cydia is an app store that is similar to the App store, but it allows you to download the utility or the best apps for iOS. Almost apps are free for users to download and install.

The utilities on Cydia help you easily change the themes, icons, or beautiful transitions….

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  1. Tethered Jailbreak and Untethered Jailbreak


When learning about your jailbreak, you will see 2 concepts that are  Tethered Jailbreak and Untethered Jailbreak. The Tethered Jailbreak forces you to connect your device with the computer to jailbreak again after the factory reset. Meanwhile, with the Untethered Jailbreak, you can reset your device anytime while still keeping the jailbreak.


For the iOS 6 or earlier version, we usually see the appearance of two terms. However, since iOS 7 and higher, almost jailbreak tools are Jailbreak Untethered, you do not have to worry about losing the jailbreak.


  1. Issues after jailbreak


The jailbreak just interferes the software so it will not affect the hardware. However, your device might not run  as stable as  a non-jailbreak version. It can cause some errors when you try to access the system through Cydia tweaks.

Nevertheless, you can be peace of mind as the errors can be fixed. Many people say that the original iOS is stable enough; there is no need to jailbreak or do anything.

  1. How to jailbreak iOS devices

There are different ways to jailbreak each iOS version. We usually use the computer to jailbreak, but now there are many ways that can be done right on the phone. In general, the jailbreak is becoming more simple and easier.


For example, currently, you can jailbreak 64-bit iOS devices running iOS 9.2 – iOS 9.3.3 version, click here for more details.

However, jailbreaking will void the product warranty or can cause unwanted effects, so you should consider carefully.


  1. How to cancel jailbreak

There are many ways to cancel the jailbreak, one of them is using Cydia Impactor app in Cydia. You can cancel the jailbreak on your device without using the computer.


Some notes before canceling jailbreak:


  • Back up all data because this tool will wipe all of them.
  • Battery percentage is higher 50% to ensure that there is no shutdown when deleting the jailbreak
  • Do not take any actions affecting Cydia Impactor app while it is running
  • After the process is complete, your device will require entering the iCloud account. Therefore, you should pay a special attention to the iCloud account on your device.

Step 1:  Open Cydia app, search for “Cydia Impactor,” then download and install


Step 2:  Once installed, open the Cydia Impactor.


Step 3:  Choose the red lines ‘Delete all data and unjailbreak device’, and select “Delete All


Step 4:  Then the tool will run some command lines in a few minutes. Just wait until your device restarts. Your device now is unjailbroken successfully.

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