6 methods to fix Error 3014 when updating/restoring iOS 10

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iPhone is a desired  smartphone with many people because of its high performance and the stability of iOS platform. However, iOS is not really all error-free. This software platform usually runs into trouble, the errors are serviceable. If the correct steps are not taken, it might cause some errors for your iPhone/iPad. One of them is the error 3014 on iPhone, also known as iTunes error 3014. This error is very common when you are trying to update your device to the latest iOS version (here is iOS 10). Error 3014 mostly occurs due to the communication failure between your computer and Apple servers. In this article, we will show you 6 ways to fix iTunes error 3014 when restoring / updating your iPhone to iOS 10

Top 6 tested methods to fix iTunes error 3014 to complete the restore process

  1. Make sure the latest version of iTunes installed


When updating/ restoring your device to any version of iOS, at first, you must always download and install the latest version of iTunes on your computer. The older versions may not be able to set a correct connection; and there might be a conflict between different versions of iOS and iTunes as well.

  1. Check Date & Timeon your computer


If you set up wrong date and time on your computer, it will create trouble with the internet connection, which surely causes the error 3014 if you update your device. In order to have flawless internet connectivity, you need to set the accurate time zone and date in your computer. For Windows, just click on the bottom right corner of the task bar, click on “change the date & time”, and change into right values. Then, after you are done, open iTunes and use as normal.

  1. Check update of the operating system on your computer


Although this is just a minor issue, it might also cause the iTunes error 3014, you should have the latest operating system installed on your computer to ensure there is no error in the process of updating your device. If you are a Windows user, just check for Windows update in the Control Panel. For Mac users, you will have update notification if an update is available, just click on it to update your Mac.

  1. Check Internet connection


If three methods mentioned are good on your computer, the issue can be with your internet connection. If the issue occurs, iTunes on your computer will not be possible to get the data form Apple servers and give you error 3014. Make sure there are no  ports blocked on your computer’s network settings, or even your router. If everything is OK, then it might be the issue of ISP as well.

  1. Disable Security software


Almost every Windows user installs a security software in the computer and it often block iTunes. The firewall will block the server connections of iTunes if you do not give the permission for iTunes to overcome the firewall program. Moreover, the antivirus software may identify iTunes as a malware, so you should disable your security program to get rid of error 3014 when updating/ restoring your device

  1. Check ‘hosts’ files

 For Windows, open this location C:WindowsSystem32driversetc, and locate the “hosts” file. You should open this file with Notepad.

For Mac Open Finder, select Go -> Go to Folder, then Enter /private/etc/hosts. Copy files to desktop and double click to edit the hosts file from your desktop


If your iPhone is jailbroken and you have SHSH blob files located at Cydia or any other jailbreaking servers, so you will have to add an IP address to the hosts file. Add gs.apple.com at the end of the hosts file then save it again and copy it to the local folder. Now, the error 3014 has been easily fixed.

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