6 ways to fix 3014 error when restoring iPhone/iPad

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When you update your current iOS version to the latest one via iTunes, your iPhone/iPad can encounter 3014 error. This error shows up during the update process and the problem happens with communication. Your iTunes cannot connect with Apple servers; therefore, the update cannot continue too and you are stuck at this position. The 3014 error can be solved in various ways, and in this article, we will offer six solutions to help you fix this error.

  1. Update iTunes to the latest version


All of us know it is a simple solution but it might work. The problem happens because the older versions of iTunes show up various issues and cause errors such as 3014 error. With newer iOS versions of Apple, it is recommended to download the newest iTunes version.

  1. Check date and time on your PC


Incorrect date and time might cause problems when connecting with Apple servers and it can create confusion and cause an error to show up. There is a little chance that you did not set this properly, but ensure that your date, time, and time zone in your computer are correct.

  1. Update your operating system


No matter what operating system you use: Windows or OS X, you should always keep your operating system updated, mainly for security. The old versions of Windows and other operating systems are not very compatible with the newer software, such as the latest iTunes version.

 In case you do not update your operating system to the latest version, it can lead to various issues, including error 3014 on iPhone. Not only can you fix this problem when updating your Windows, but there are also some other issues that you probably solve by doing it.

  1. Check your security software


The firewall sometimes prevents the communication with the Apple servers, so first check it, and make sure you give iTunes the permission it requires. Then, you should update the antivirus program to the latest version. Remember to log in with the administrative user account, not the guest.

If updating the antivirus program does not work, turn it off until you finish updating your firmware. It is not a popular step, but it might help you fix the error. Make sure you turn the antivirus program on after you complete updating your iOS.

  1. Check your internet connection

Ensure you have a good internet connection before you start updating your iOS version. If your connection is unstable, iTunes will lose the communication with Apple servers, cause error 3014 when restoring.

  1. Check the ‘hosts’ file

If 5 suggestions above cannot fix the error, the last solution you should try is to check the ‘‘hosts’’ file. It is a bit more complex, and you have to intervene the operating system.

 If there is an active entry of redirecting gs.apple.com, your restore will fail. First, open your ‘hosts’ file.

Go to ‘Open’ button in the file menu, and then open the ‘hosts’ file following this path:  C:WindowsSystem32driversetc with Notepad.

Note that you select all files in the format and drop-down menu, so you can have the option of choosing the file you want:


When you have opened ‘‘hosts’’ file, it will look like the image below:


Find the two lines in the ‘hosts’ file and delete them: gs.apple.com gs.apple.com

After completing, save your ‘hosts’ file, then launch your browser and go to http://gs.apple.com

 It will redirect you to Apple’s website.

Now, open your iTunes again and continue the update process, and the error 3014 on your iPhone/iPad will disappear.

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