7 Tricks from Professional to Creative iPhone Photography

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Photos on the water without any housing, macro and self-portraits without expensive accessories, and much more: Lorenz Holder, photographer professional elected Photographer of the Year in 2012 shares a few tricks to take creative photographs with iPhone.

Here are a few tricks to take creative photographs with  iPhone. Born from the mind of the brilliant professional photographer Lorenz Holder, named “Photographer of the Year” in 2012 and a member of COOPH (Cooperative of Photography, popular photography magazine online), you will deal with few tips or different ways of interpreting the photography with iPhone , which allows to acquire artistic photographs in any particular way.


In the video posted by the author at the bottom of the article, it is shown how to use the panorama mode to create a Panodash, artistic photography that shows the same subject several times, in different poses, within the same shot.

The same in-camera panorama mode native iOS can be exploited to create a Pano Drive-By, photography recreated easily while you are sitting in the car on the passenger seat, simply acquiring the photography with the iPhone upside down.


Despite the video to see it seems so obvious, no one would have thought that in order to simulate the expensive and professional reflective panel used by photographers to soften harsh shadows in portraits made by the day is enough to exploit the cheapest car sunshade that we use every day in machine.

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The video also explains how to acquire self-portraits from a distance without buying trestles and extensions and how to take pictures underwater without housing: ah … and did you know that how to make a macro photo like  just a drop of water?

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