Sketch, Line and Photoshop Mix, Lightroom is Now Available for iPhone and iPad

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Sketch Adobe, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Line Mix. These new applications that Adobe has just announced and will be presented along with other news tonight, 19 pm Italian, live streaming during the event called “Everything new is new again” , pun translated as “Everything that is Again, it is new again “.

Developed using the Adobe Creative SDK that integrates over 20 years of innovation company, the three professional quality mobile applications is going to join the existing iPad Lightroom  and Adobe Voice , the new app to create stories with animated video. They are all easy to use app that add new functions to Creative Cloud for the first time by placing the tablet in the middle of the creative workflow. While the first two, Sketch and Line, offering new features for precision drawing and sketching on iPad, Photoshop Mix offers a workflow from the mobile connected to Creative Cloud to anyone who wants access to powerful tools for creative images via your mobile device .


Specifically  Sketch Adobe  offers designers a creative process that brings together related inspiration, sketches, and community into one place; integrates essential tools for drawing such a graphite pencil, a pen, ink, two markers (tipped brush and chisel) and a tire, to get direct feedback from the creative community while working.

Adobe Line instead recreates the art of design combining the organic design with beautiful straight lines, French curves and perfect shapes that can be drawn in the plane, in relief or in the future. Line in substance rethinks the traditional tools for design as rulers, squares and silhouettes for the mobile world.

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Photoshop Mix  offers non-destructive photo editing including Upright, Content Aware Fill and Camera Shake Reduction as well as the possibility of creating selections, crop mix and images.

Among other innovations, such as writing elsewhere , Lightroom Mobile arrives on the iPhone that provides the most efficient way to manage and process images on desktops, mobile devices and the web.


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