Advantages of ios 10 over iOS 9

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Apple’s latest operating system- iOS 10 brings a large number of new features and redesigned apps, including Siri, advanced Maps, Photos, Apple Music and etc. After upgrading the iPhone/iPad to iOS 10 from iOS 9.x.x, what exact advantages and of iOS 10 can users get?

In this article, we will show you the advantages of iOS 10 after upgrading from iOS 9

Siri opens up to third-party developers


One of the big advantages of iOS 10 over iOS 9 is Siri. With iOS 10, developers can design apps that work with Siri and let users interact directly with apps by just using their voice. Now Slack, WeChat, and WhatsApp for communication, Uber, Didi in China, , MapMyRun, and Skype… support Siri.

Emojis on  iMessages


Another iOS 10 upgrade advantage is that iOS 10 allows users to express their emotion more vividly. First, iOS 10 allows rich links from web appearing in the conversation; and it allows users to tap in emojis. Emojis now is three times bigger than before and certain words can be replaced by emojis. “Bubble effects” also allows users to add some cute animations in the messages.

Ability to delete Apple’s stock apps


iOS 10 allows users to hide Apple’s own apps like Stocks, Compass, and Voice Messages. A new code labeled ” isFirstPartyHideableApp” is added in iTunes metadata that users will be able to hide/remove some of Apple’s own apps. Considering that many users do not use all those stock apps and seek for ways to delete them, this feature will be a popular advantage to upgrade to iOS 10.

Rootless security system

It is a more disadvantage of iOS 10 than a benefit that Apple will raise iOS security system by working on a new system called “rootless”, making it impossible to jailbreak. The rootless security system will “prevent even administrative-level users from being able to access certain protected files on Apple devices.” If you do not jailbreak, it is one of great advantages of iOS 10 over iOS 9.3 as iOS 10 provides better security performance, otherwise, you may reconsider before upgrade iOS 9 to iOS 10.

Voicemail transcriptions


The improvement of iCloud voicemail will be one of the popular advantages of iOS 10 after upgrade. A new feature in Siri named iCloud Voicemail will be one of the benefits of iOS 10 upgrade compared with iOS 9.3 because it enables Siri to talk to callers, transcribe the voicemail messages to text, and save in iCloud.

Customize control center


Control Center is where users can set time, deactivate Wi-Fi, and control Bluetooth, Do Not Disturb etc. The iOS 10 gives users more freedom to customize the settings in Control Center based on their routine tasks. This is a new feature because many users would like to change settings following personal needs.

Photo Memories


In iOS 10, Apple will introduce a new “Memories” feature that automatically recognizes the places, time, and event of the photos and creates a short photo and video slideshow with music playing in the background, which can help users relive past memories. This feature is unique and will be a great benefit of iOS 10 upgrade.

Improved apps

In the comparison of iOS 10 and iOS 9.3, we can also see the new iOS version providing enhanced performance with a large number of improved apps. IOS 10 is a smarter messaging app, a more capable camera app that allows users to control completely the images, or a better weather app that will deeply integrate its forecasts with other features of the iPhone etc. After upgrading your device from iOS 9, all iOS 10 advantages are available.

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