After WWDC event, Apple “declared war” with many large technology companies

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In WWDC 2015 event, Apple unveiled operating system iOS 9, OS X El Capitan and many useful features. However, that Apple introduced in the event last night has large influence on many technology companies and of course this is not a good news towards them.

One interesting thing here is that many users will feel interested in these outstanding features, but with many companies, these features will make them really worried.


Apple improved significantly Notes app on iPhone and iPad. The latest version of app Notes on iOS 9 allows you to draw, sketch, create a checklist or attach photos taken directly with the camera.


These new features are extremely attractive, which would make Apple’s Notes competes directly with popular notes applications is Evernote. Evernote is an 8-year-old startup and are priced $ 1 billion at this time.


This notes application is used almost on mobile and computer. However, that probably will not exist anymore, when a large number of iOS users will switch to the default notes app on iOS 9.

Flipboard and Instant Articales of Facebook

Apple has removed Newsstand and replaced by reading News app entirely new. News app will aggregate news from the publisher and send to the user with a variety of both interface and content depending on the demand of users. Even this application can self-select content according the user’s reading habits.


It shows that Apple is also interested in the field of communication and digital content. Although the company has no plans to sell advertisement, or allow publishers to advertise in News, but that may soon appear when this app becomes more popular.


With application News, Apple has “declared war” directly with other reading news applications like Flipboard or Instant Articales platform of Facebook. Mobile advertisement is a fertile ground in which communications and digital content can help companies sell the largest mobile ads.

Spotify / Pandora

Online music service- Apple Music is also launched at the event last night and spend a lot of attention from users. Online music service of Apple is capable of threatening the Spotify, music service with 15 million subscribers and leading online music business for many years.


Besides, Apple Music also allow you listen to the radio and it also threatens to other services like Pandora. Apple absolutely will cause its rivals worried when the company is a famous brand in the worldwide, along with hundreds of millions of iOS users with nearly 800 credit card account registered.

Moreover, Apple Music app also appear on both Android to be able to attract a large number of users.



Apple Music is not only a normal online music app, it also has one more feature that will surely makes music social networking sites such as SoundCloud to worry. That is Connect feature. The highlight of SoundCloud is that it can connect artists, music producers with listeners and fans in a music social network.

And that’s exactly what Apple Music Connect are trying to do.

Google Maps


The previous Apple Maps version is seen as a “bad” version so a lot of iOS users have intention to use Google Maps instead of map app. This is stated by Apple and of course they are ready to change it.

That’s the reason why Apple have to upgrade map app to compete with Google Maps. And surely, they will create many surprising things in the future.

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