All New changes on iOS 10 beta 2

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As we expected, Apple finally has released iOS 10 beta 2 with many new interesting features, the improvements of performance and bug fixes. There are two months until the latest iOS version is released publicly, but we still hope several new changes appear.


If you have installed iOS 10 beta 2 on your iPhone, you will see new changes compared with the first beta of iOS 10. If you are running the second beta of iOS 10, the improvements of entire system are the first thing you will realize. To know more changes on iOS 10 beta 2, let us take a quick look.

iOS 10 Beta 2: new features you need to know

One of the features that has just been added is the ‘Show Parked Location’ in the Maps app.

The option ‘slide to unlock’ is brought back like lower iOS versions. Message app now has a new option that allows users to send low-quality images. 3D Touch with Control Center has also been tweaked. There are typical changes, but many other changes appear on iOS 10 beta 2.

  • Tweak ‘HomeKit’ icon in Control Center.
  • Missed” in Notification Center is changed into “Recent.”
  • Today view in Notification Center can be accessed by swiping down from Home screen, not just within apps.
  • Iconography for speakers tweaked in AirPlay settings of Control Center.
  • The icon of ‘HomeKit’ app updated from solid yellow to Home app icon in Settings.
  • “Downloaded Music” is replaced by “Downloads” in Apple Music, no longer removable.
  • Maps app is now added an option for “Show Parked Location” in Settings.
  • Messages app now allows sending Low-Quality Image Mode. Users can set up in Settings.
  • Mail is added a new filter icon (previously was a filter, now lines within a circle).
  • The Weather Channel credit comes back in Notification Center.
  • The language, icons in Control Center have been tweaked with 3D Touch options.
  • Music has Shuffle option from Songs section (previously users had to play a song before shuffling.)
  • Rest Finger to Unlock” option is added in Accessibility Settings.
  • Lock screen adds “Unlocked” icon in status bar when unlocking the device, iOS 10 beta 1 is just ‘removed lock’ icon.
  • App Store can now work on Split View feature  for iPad.
  • iMessage App Store is introduced for third-party developers
  • Feedback app is available for more users.
  • Interactive notifications now work differently on non-3D Touch devices.
  • Slight new changes with Siri animation (Home screen is minimized in background.)
  • Connect Posts appears below For You content on For You tab, Connect tab appears when you disable Apple Music, new banner promoting sign-ups.
  • Apple News app can now be removable.
  • Keyboard sound has reverted to previous versions; iOS 10 beta 1 included updated sounds.
  • New “Featured Complications” section is added in Apple Watch app.
  • AirPlay/Bluetooth headphones and speakers now appear from Now Playing screen in Music.
  • Autofill synchronized option for Music to Apple Watch (Smart and Random options.)
  • Toggle the Background App Refresh for Apple Watch.
  • ‘Previous Duration’ option appears in Breathe app settings for Apple Watch.
  • ‘CarPlay’ button is added to skip directly a message.

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Above are some news changes on iOS 10 beta 2. Hope you will enjoy new features on this beta version. If you  find other interesting things, share your comments with us below.

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