Apple has already Collected new iPad with an Anti-Reflective Screen

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Today it was announced that the new Apple’s tablet has started collecting on-site partners i.e Californian company, according to the news reported by foreign media with reference to its reliable sources.

It’s about iPad mini 3 and iPad Air 2 , that will announce the premiere in October this year. Launching of new tablet with a diagonal of 7.9 inches and 9.7 in this period is  not planned accidental, as this month in United States is celebrated as Thanksgiving Day, followed by the beginning of holiday season.


The last 2 quarters of Apple executives have complained about the poor sales of their tablets, but updated versions of these devices are designed to improve all statistics Cupertinovtsy.

Analysts predict the appearance of anti-glare screens in the new iPad, which will allow more comfortable use of such devices in bright sunlight. At the same time, there may be slower assembly of new plates.

Also expected that Scanner Touch ID may appear in the next generation tablet, which is already being used in California smartphones. A full-sized iPad can be equipped with  8 megapixel camera.

There is anecdotal evidence that Cupertinovtsy want to release a tablet with a larger display i.e  of 12.9 inches, but its premiere will be held in 2015, as this year is scheduled to premiere smartphone with a large screen.


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