Apple continues to recruit experts about car to prepare for new projects

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Previously, Apple ever recruited car engineers to prepare for a certain secret project. Many people believe that Apple is planning to produce cars, but so far there is no information about this project. Recently, Apple continues to recruit a specialist of a big carmaker.

That is vice president of the Chrysler Fiat Automobiles carmaker- Mr Doug Betts. On his LinkedIn page, he said that he started working at Apple since July, though he did not specify their positions as well as the current working location.


Although many people believe that Apple is planning to produce cars that run on electricity, in fact it seems that Apple will only develop CarPlay smart car project. With the idea of building a system that manages the entire vehicle through a central operating system and can connect with the mobile device.

Apple has ever introduced this system before, but its features are limited and it is not really popular on current 4-wheel vehicles. This is a very new and potential market, where cars become more and more popular and we are increasingly familiar with the smart device. It also is part of the Internet of Things trend.


Earlier this year, Apple also recruited an expert about automatic vehicle. He is Furgale Paul and many experts in the field of manufacturing of automatic control systems, robot. Previously, Apple also recruited hundreds of new employees with professional fields about automobile including many former employees of Tesla electric car company.

Thus, Doug Betts is the first senior official which Apple hires in the field of manufacturing and quality testing for the 4-wheel vehicles. That makes many people skeptical about whether Apple is only developing smart software system for the cars or not. Perhaps world’s largest phone manufacturer is ambitious to dominate the car market.

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