Apple Hired a New Employee for Development Department iWatch

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Recall that in January of this year, Apple desperately needed experienced professionals and engineers , which is clearly not enough to initiate the development of ‘smart’ hours . The result is that the company began to actively recruit new experts in the development of devicescontrolling physical activity.


So recently, the staff of the Apple developer was adopted young engineer Alex now well-known firm of Atlas Wearables , specializing in the creation of physical activity trackers. Alex worked on previous work place of the main software developer, and worked on the interaction of devices with their software. In the same Apple, Alex, will be expected to hold the position of developer firmware, and work in the department, which is responsible for the API interface iWatch . More information at the moment. By the way, the company Atlas Wearables in 2013 earned about $ 600,000, creating a very accurate fitness tracker based on Indiegogo .

Such a high level of accuracy was achieved by development engineers of the company. Quite a while already in the vast network rumors that Kupertintsy began work on a new fitness device. It is known that the gadget will have unique medical and biophysical sensors. Find out the exact date of the announcement or release device is not yet possible. But according to rumors, the device will be presented to the public this fall with the release of iPhone 6.


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