Apple iPhone 6 Rehearsal Video from WWDC 2014

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From the WWDC 2014 expect a lot, but it is quite obvious that the key products of Apple – a new generation of iPhone and iPad, as well as iWatch, on it will not be displayed. But now there’s reason to hope for the opposite. The Internet has spread the video , which allegedly captures a presentation rehearsal iPhone 6 on WWDC.

Video lasts only 11 seconds, it is visible only empty hall and demonstrated on a huge screen slides depicting iPhone 6 is very similar to the well-known models.

Could this be the next iPhone at WWDC 2014

Of course, the movie is in serious doubt. First, the events at WWDC 2014 and it will be more than enough – only one new version of iOS and OS X would be a worthy cause for such an event, but for the iPhone 6 probably would have been organized by a separate event.

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Secondly, traditionally Apple smartphones appear on sale in the fall, in the past two years – on the third Friday in September, and the same date already named insiders for the iPhone 6. In this case, no sense to advertise a product is not available.

So we strongly doubt the authenticity of this video – or rather, almost no doubt that all this “duck”. However, readers can form their own opinion


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