Apple makes many users disappointed about battery capacity of iPhone 6S

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Yesterday, the Nowhereelse site of France announced the images which seen as the front of the iPhone 6s with Force Touch technology. And recently, this source continues to publish leaked photos of battery on the new generation iPhone.

Specifically, Nowhereelse said that the size of the iPhone 6S battery was only 1,715 mAh. This is lower than the battery capacity on iPhone 6. Immediately after above images are spread, most users have expressed disappointment with this information.


Even, the most easygoing iPhone users also feel offended if Apple makes this decision about battery on iPhone 6s instead of responding to the current needs. Meanwhile, the MacRumors site predicts Power Saver feature on iOS 9 is the reason Apple cuts battery capacity on the new generation iPhone.

Related to iPhone 6s, previously, MacRumors has said iPhone 6s almost will not change much compared with the previous product, but it will be thicker about 0.2 mm. In addition, sources also speculated that the new generation iPhone would own more durable aluminum alloy shell.

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