Apple may be working on self-driving cars

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Apple has long been rumored to be working on self-driving cars. However, Apple has not never mentioned a self-driving car at its launch event for recent years. In a letter submitted to the US highways regulator, Apple may still be preparing its long-awaited into the automated car market. The letter was written by Apple’s director of product integrity informing that Apple is investing huge resources in the study of machine learning and automation. However, the letter failed to offer details of the project in progress, instead claiming that Apple will have the same opportunity as other established car manufacturers.


Besides, according to the letter, Apple’s automated system will feature advanced technologies like life-saving tech that prevents millions of cars from crashes and fatalities each year. However, according to sources, Apple’s new project will not be given the same right as other manufacturers in the market, as self-driving cars are not expected to be in use in several regions including US and UK. Therefore, Apple is hoping the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration may change its policy in order to ensure fair competition among manufacturers.

According to sources, the British Government is expected to be at the forefront of developing self-driving car market that is expected to be worth 900 billion pounds. Earlier this year, the Government launched several changes to motor insurance rules and the highway code aimed at allowing self-driving cars to hit the roads by 2020.

Last year, Apple was reportedly working on a self-driving car project named Titan, which was believed to be staffed by more than 1.000 engineers and personnel working at a secret facility in Sunnyvale, California. Besides, Apple was also rumored to be in talks to acquire the British car manufacturer McLaren in an attempt to use the company’s technologies to develop Apple’s self-driving cars in the future.

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