Apple opens pre-order for Beats Pill+ Wireless speaker

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Apple has now had started the taking pre-orders of its wireless speaker named Pill+. The Pill+ was announced earlier this month and is considered to be the successor of its predecessor Pill, which was launched back in the year 2012. Apple was reportedly working on some under the hood improvements which can be implemented in the Pill+.


Apple started selling Pill + – Wireless Bluetooth-speaker from the manufacturer Beats Electronics, the company bought last summer for $ 3 billion. The unit retains a recognizable elongated design in the form of tablets and high-quality sound.



Here is the quick overview of the Apple-owned Beats Pill Wireless Speaker and its features and specifications:

As compared to the 2013 model of the Pill, the Pill+ is somewhat larger and lacks the extra flair that gives it more of a cleaner look.

  • In the upper part of the device, there are four buttons.
  • Left – with rubber-coated to power at the Centre
  • A metal key start/stop playback, decorated with the logo Beats
  • Right – two rubber buttons to adjust the volume.

Cupertino-based technicians at Apple and Beats are telling us that “Tweeter and woofer separation uses the same acoustic mechanics found in professional recording studios around the world.”



According to foreign journalists, Pill+ is an excellent sounding speaker that has ever produced by Beats. This is achieved through sufficient redistribution volume between the speakers, as the amplifiers are built into both speakers (one for each pair of bass and tweeter). “All the music sounded better than I expected. Perhaps this is partly because the first three tracks are played through the Apple Music, which broadcasts a composition with a high bit rate of 256 Kbit. When turned on the runway in the style of punk with Spotify on your phone with a bit rate of 96 Kbit, the sound quality was much worse, “- said the journalist The Verge.

Pill + built-in battery enough for 12 hours of battery life, and the column can charge other gadgets connected to it via USB- and Lightning port. Also, it is equipped with a fuel gauge type of battery indicator that will keep you posted regarding the amount of juice left on the device. iOS- or Android app Beats allows no tuning, connect to another dynamic smartphone, as well as to connect the column with another model Pill+ to enhance the sound. The cost for the Beats Pill+ in the online Apple store is $ 229.95. New available in white and black versions. The speaker itself is expected to arrive by the end of November this year to the consumers.


With several changes and modifications over its predecessor, the success of the Pill+ will be judged by the response that it’ll get after getting into the hands of the customers. As per our opinion, like any other Apple product it is also slightly overpriced for the two basic colours, black and white.

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