Apple Pay Coming to Ukraine, Poland, Norway in September, Say Experts

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Apple PayApple Pay is one of the most popular payment services out there. First introduced in 2014, Apple Pay quickly became the top choice for mobile payments and digital services. The Cupertino company has been working on improving its payment service since the launch day in order to offer a better user experience.

One of the best things when it comes to Apple Pay lies in the ability to work with non-Apple Pay contactless payment terminals. This allows you to make payments in all existing terminals in retail stores in supported markets.

Apple has been expanding its own mobile payment service since day one. Last year, the company brought the mobile payment service to a number of different countries, including Republic of Ireland, Taiwan, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, and even more. Earlier this year, Apple Pay support arrived in Brazil and various financial institutions. And, the Apple Pay empire continues to grow this year.

Apple CEO Tim Cook recently confirmed that the company would expand its payment service to more markets this year, including Ukraine, Poland, and Norway. However, Apple has not specified the release date for any of the regions. Tech experts say that Apple Pay will hit Ukraine, Poland, and Norway in September, at the same time as Apple’s new iPhone models. According to Apple, the payment service will come to those markets in the coming months.

Apple Pay has seen steady growth in recent years, mainly thanks to Apple’s endless efforts to improve the service. Apple says that Apple Pay activations have doubled for the past few months, and Apple Pay transactions have tripled.

Last year, Apple expanded Apple Pay to public transport in Japan, one of Apple’s largest markets. Apple’s payment service has seen a significant rise in Japan in recent years, making it the number one priority in retail stores across the country. This means that users are able to pay a fare on public transport using their iPhones.

In reality, Apple has been working on targeting transport expansion for years. However, Apple Pay support for transit is only available in Japan and the US. We are expecting a wider rollout of the feature.

Apple is facing a lot of competition in the mobile payment market. Samsung Pay quickly emerged as one of the top digital payment services. Samsung’s mobile payment service is now available in more than 20 countries. In March 2018, Samsung launched Samsung Pay in Italy following months of endless rumors and reports.

Back in 2015, Google marked its first steps into the mobile payment service with the introduction of Google Pay (formerly Android Pay). One of the highlights of Google Pay lies in Assistant support. This allows users to make payments using voice commands.

With new iPhone models set for a fall release, Apple has a lot of work to do to improve Apple Pay and make it work seamlessly with new iPhones.

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