Apple Pencil 2 rumored to feature a new magnetic system

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Back in 2015, Apple first introduced the iPad Pro with 12.9 inch display, making it the biggest iPad Apple has ever made so far. Last year, Cupertino-based Company launched the smaller version of the iPad Pro, which is aimed at those who prefer more comfortable iPad experience. One of the most noticeable additions to the iPad Pro is Apple Pencil, which includes support for drawing, publication layout management and document annotation.


According to sources, Apple may be planning to introduce a second-generation Apple Pencil in 2017 and the new Apple Pencil will likely be unveiled at a special event scheduled in March, where Apple is expected to show off the next generation iPad Pro. Rumors say that the new Apple Pencil will include some key features that make it much easier and faster to navigate on the iPad screen. Besides, the Apple Pencil 2 may include new functionality that allows it to work in a wider range of apps.

Noticeably, reports say that the next generation Apple Pencil is believed to include a new antenna technology and new magnetic system that will allow users to attach the new stylus to the side of the iPad. Many tech experts find these reports somehow to be plausible, seeing how Apple has filed patents relating to new technologies that allow Apple Pencil to attach to the side or bezel of an iPad. Besides, sources say that Apple may include a clip on the new Apple Pencil, which allows users to attach it to pocket.

Aside from the new iPad and Apple Pencil, Apple is expected to introduce a special iPhone 8 this year to celebrate ten years of iPhone. There have been a lot of rumors floating around about the next iPhone ranging from new design to impressive feature. We are still 8 months from the iPhone unveiling, so all we have to do now is to wait until the next iPhone is released.

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