Apple raises App Store pricing in Mexico, Denmark and other countries

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Apple is now making a few important changes in its App Store pricing  following a decrease in Apple’s affiliate program commission rate


An email that is sent out to developers has revealed Apple’s confirmation of increasing the prices for current apps in iOS App Stores in different nations. For instance, countries like Mexico, Denmark, and territories using the Euro currency, will witness a slight increase in app prices.

Those changes will officially go into effect before the end of next week. The reason for changes in app prices stems from the fact that the foreign exchange rate is also changing, Apply says.

The changes in the foreign exchange rate will result in a rise in prices for apps and in-app purchases except for auto-renewable subscriptions in Denmark, Mexico, and all territories using the Euro currency next week. However, there is no change for auto-renewable subscription prices. Hence, you still  can change the price of your subscription in iTunes Connect and you have got the option to preserve prices for existing subscribers.

At the moment you can get more details about the price changes in Austria, Bulgaria, Estonia, France, and Slovakia via a handy chart by the French site, known as iPhoneAddict.

Last but not least, one additional change will exert an effect on those in Taiwan next month. Sources say that a value added tax (VAT) rate of five percent will go into effect in that country, Apply unveils. In other words, this VAT will officially go  into effect on May 1, 2017, to both apps and in-app purchases.

Earlier this year, Apple also increase App Store prices in the UK by 25 percent following a fall in the value of the pound.

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