Apple has Reduced the Price of Some Apple Products

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In Apple’s decided to revise the prices of many products! They started with their famous candy bar called iMac. Now we have the opportunity to purchase its budget version only for 49 990 rubles!

Just a couple of hours ago, went on sale the first device from the cheapening of the ruler. In monoblock will be used inexpensive processor from Intel with two cores and a clock speed of only 1.4 GHz and 21.5-inch screen helped to significantly reduce the price of the gadget. You can buy it in the U.S. store, you will pay for it $ 1099 (the price is exclusive of sales tax).


Besides, recently dropped the price on the Apple TV set-top box from a California company in Great Britain from 99 to 79 pounds, and in Europe from 109 to 99 euros. In Russia, unfortunately, the price is still kept at around 4500 rubles. Backup storage of data from Apple called Time Capsule, will now also overrated, because recently they have undergone restoration and will soon be returned to their rightful owners. The device will be returned with all new accessories with a full 1 year warranty. Data storage device with 2-terabyte memory is now available for $ 149.



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