Apple has Released a New Promotional Video iPad Air 2


The iPad is ideal for creating music – this is the promise of Apple has decided to convey to users, has released a new promotional video titled Make Music with iPad (Make music with the iPad). Published a video on YouTube shows how DJs, singers, composers and others, interested in music people realize their ideas with the help of iPad Air 2.


Apple commercials have a characteristic feature – they put the PR company to the forefront not the device, and users. Fresh from a similar manner creating promotional videos to Apple not given, focusing on musicians, composers, singers and DJs. Together with the roller Make Music with iPad Apple opened a new section on its website, which is dedicated to the music application. Apple representatives have decided to highlight only the best tools for creating music – in the list includes GarageBand, NanoStudio, Serato Remote, iMPC Pro, Manual Camera and Apogee MiC.