Apple removed Dash app from App Store over review fraud

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Dash is one of the most popular API documentation browsers in the world. The app stores more than 150 offline documentation sets to pick from on your Mac. However, Apple has recently removed the Dash app from its Mac and iOS App Store over fraudulent reviews. According to Apple, the company discovered over 1.000 fraudulent reviews from 2 accounts and 25 apps linked with Kapeli, Dash’s parent company, but who posted those reviews remain unknown.

Dash developer, Bogdan Popescu was given no explanation for why his app was removed from App Store. He claimed that he received a notice of termination from Apple on Wednesday and his iTunes Connect account was also shut down. Apple later accused Bogdan Popescu of paying users to write positive reviews while leaving negative ones for its competitors, which he denies doing.

He claimed that Apple contacted him and they said that they found evidence of review manipulation, but he’s never done it before. Despite Bogdan’s denial, Apple’s final decision seems unchanged and the app will not be returned to the App Store.


According to Apple’s marketing chief Phil Schiller, the company’s decision is to protect Apple Store from repeated fraudulent activity. However, Apple did not point out which reviews were involved in the fraud and users still cannot see the App Store reviews for Dash.

However, Popescu still has chance to reverse course if he proves that Apple has made a mistake. According to some tech sites, if Popescu has never engaged in review manipulation, it is possible that he has been targeted malevolently by competitors. However, good news is that Popescu will continue to support the desktop version of the app and he will do his best to bring the app back to App Store in the future.

Dash is a great app for Mac and iOS devices, and Apple’s decision to remove it may disappoint many Apple fans who have been using the app. However, if you are interested in using the app, you can download the app from its official website.

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