Apple Rumour | Signs of Peace Between Apple and Samsung

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Apple and Samsung now seem close to reaching an agreement that would allow them to continue to work without off worst in front of the judge in court that this is really the end of the war so praised by the late Steve Jobs?


Apple and Samsung are going to reach an agreement ? According to a report that comes from South Korea, after long years of battles over patents, the two companies seem close to sign a peace that will enable them to pursue their separate ways, leaving the courtroom to contract on aspects that are doing wasting a lot of energy and money.

“We are addressing several controversial issues” told the Korea Times an industry official who wishes to remain anonymous “both companies are trying to find common ground” . Apparently both Samsung and Apple seem to have adopted a more pragmatic approach and are preparing to bury the hatchet as a result of legal victories for the South Korean giant Apple.

Recall that in addition to getting the ban on imports of Samsung products in several countries around the world, Apple has received nearly $ 1 billion as compensation for infringement of patents.The stakes are much higher, however, as Samsung is currently one of the largest suppliers of components and iOS devices, according to another source, Apple still wants to benefit from this collaboration.


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