Top Apps for Apple iOS and Mac 2014 | Apple Design Awards 2014 Winners WWDC

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Apple Design Awards – a special prize Apple, held every year in the conference WWDCThis year the awards were given as the creators of applications for iPhone and iPad, and software developers for the Mac.

Apple Design Awards Prize has been awarded since 1997 for the most notable applications created for Apple technology third party developers. Announcement of the winners was held at the Worldwide Developers Conference , which opened on Monday, June 2, at San Francisco, and will run until June 6.


The winners in the nomination “The best applications for iOS and Mac»:

The winners in the nomination “The best student applications”

Application awards are available for download in online stores App Store and Mac App Store.Most selected in this year’s program – paid.

Reported Apple developers get gifts – laptops MacBook Air, Tablets iPad, players iPod touch, as well as a symbolic prize engraved with the Apple logo and the name of the award.

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