Best iPhone Health Apps : Top Jogging Apps for iPhone and iPod Touch

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  • Did you know that there are hundreds of apps dedicated solely to your health?
  • With these applications tracking, monitoring and analysis of your sporting activities you can take your iPhone to run with you and compare your results.


The Best Apps for Jogging with your iPhone

How many times have you gone jogging and have not been able to track your progress? Want to control your heart rate or your heart rate? Want to know how many miles you ran? With this selection of the best apps for jogging will be much easier.

Tracking your progress, trajectory calculation, rhythm analysis … There are apps for everything! We selected 5 wonderful applications so you can go jogging with your iPhone . Hydrate, pack your sports armband, put your iPhone and … Let’s run!


Selection of the Best Apps for Jogging


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Moves – Jogging App for iPhone

The application Moves performs automatically  a tracking about your daily life and the exercises you do . Only you have to take your iPhone with you in your pocket, on a bracelet for running or in a backpack. The app will be responsible for recognizing the sites that you go, record your tracks, count your steps … Very useful for measuring and improving performance!


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Runtastic Pro -Jogging App

One of the best applications to control your athletic performance is Runtastic Pro. This app lets you create your own routes, having your own voice trainer, training set goals, go jogging with music … To weather information!


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Endomondo alongside Runtastic, is another of the most popular applications in the world of sports. With this great application you can track and trace your sports activities:distance, duration, calories … The Endomondo app also lets you analyze your performance daily with the possibility of adding pictures and share your results on social networks.


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Heart Beat Rate

If you want to control your heart rate without giving you a heart Beat Heart Rate is one of the best alternatives. This app is able to measure and analyze your heart rate without using any supplement or fitting additional. Just have to put your finger behind the camera of your iPhone, app will handle everything. Great, isn’t it?


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Zombies, Run!

What’s the better way then to motivate yourselves for being chased by a horde of zombies? Run for your life! With Zombies, Run! you will live a unique experience thanks to the narrated story with distributed in more than 30 free audio missions . If you’re running too slow … you will hear the zombies closer! A really cool and fun way to go jogging!



These have been some few that we believe are the best applications for jogging with your iPhone. Do you know any other interesting app related to the world of sports?Let us Know in the comments! Thank you!


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