Big changes of iMessage to become an app like Facebook Messenger, Skype

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At WWDC 2016 event, Apple has changed iMessage message service comprehensively. First, the path will be integrated the web’s summary content, for instance, the thumbnails of YouTube are sent via this service. Moreover, users can play YouTube videos and other video streaming services from the iMessage.


                          The path describes the content (rich link) on iMessage

Emoji continues to be an important part of the messaging service and Apple caught up with the trend. The size of the emoji will be 3 times bigger than before to increase the attractiveness of users.

imessage-da-lot-xac-hoan-toan-de-tro-thanh-mot-ung-dung-nhan-tin-ngang-ngua-voi-facebook-messenger (1)

iMessage on iOS 10 has the ability to predict emoji matching your words. The conversation is not only enjoyable but also the enhancement of security features: sensitive features will be obscured (invisible ink) and users can open by sliding the hand.

Another feature is indispensable for a messaging application, which can attract young people is the ability to send fun picture inside the iMessage. However, it does not stop here: users can send a message opened full screen in a short time. 5 effects for whole screen and effects for each message (zoom in, zoom out…) allow users to create numerous types of message for angering your friends. However, if users want a strict message as possible, the new iMessage also supports handwriting. Users can send the Digital Touch like on Apple Watch, too.

imessage-da-lot-xac-hoan-toan-de-tro-thanh-mot-ung-dung-nhan-tin-ngang-ngua-voi-facebook-messenger (2)

                                  Blur private messages

imessage-da-lot-xac-hoan-toan-de-tro-thanh-mot-ung-dung-nhan-tin-ngang-ngua-voi-facebook-messenger (3)

                                  Enjoy Apple music on iMessage

imessage-da-lot-xac-hoan-toan-de-tro-thanh-mot-ung-dung-nhan-tin-ngang-ngua-voi-facebook-messenger (4)

                                       Effects to your message

In conclusion, the boring iMessage on iOS 9 will be replaced by a wonderful message app like Facebook Messenger or Skype on features. But more importantly, iMessage has become a platform that supports third-party applications.

imessage-da-lot-xac-hoan-toan-de-tro-thanh-mot-ung-dung-nhan-tin-ngang-ngua-voi-facebook-messenger (5)

                                 App store for iMessage

Thus, Apple has listened to the warnings from Facebook and Microsoft. With this messaging platform, Apple does not have to worry that the applications running on Messenger or Skype will harm the App Store. Moreover, iMessage also has an independent market and a start-up screen (drawer).

Unfortunately, the new iMessage has not extended the support to the Android platform as the rumors. Anyway, with the upcoming iOS version 10, both users and developers can look forward to the new unprecedented experience app.

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