CallRecorder Cydia Tweak: Record Phone Calls on iPhone

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iPhone call recording app is one of the most requested features that Apple is not able to implement into their iOS devices. It seems like everything users cannot do is always possible if the iPhone or iPad is jailbroken. Recording the phone calls on the iPhone is now available on Cydia with using several jailbreak tweaks.

There are many of them. Some are outdated, or does not work. Instead of making users look for these tweaks, we actually have compiled a list of working iPhone calls recording tweaks.

iOS Call Recorder

This tweak is a native call and VoIP recorder for jailbroken iPhone that is available on Cydia for $2.99. Do not be disappointed because users can see a paid package, wait until we tell what it has to offer.

Using iOS Call Recorder tweak, users can quickly record all calls including blocked numbers and unknown numbers. Additionally, users can even record calls taken on the Bluetooth headphone or when connected to a car. After that, users will have the option to save those phone calls via Google Drive or export them to different media outlets (WhatsApp, SMS, and Email).


Furthermore, security features are also included into this tweak with support for Touch ID and Passcode, making it impossible for others to have access to the iPhone calls without permission. Once users record their call on the iPhone, they can easily listen to it inside a standalone app using an internal player.

How to install iOS Call Recoder:

Step 1: Open Cydia app and tap on Sources

Step 2: Since this tweak is not hosted on one of the default repositories, users are required to add another source. Tap on Edit > Add

Step 3: Enter the following URL: then tap on Add Source

Step 4: Now switch to the Search tab and look for iOS Call Recorder

Step 5: Choose Install > Confirm > Respring

Users will not get charged during the process of installing this tweak from Cydia. When opening the application the home screen, it will take users to an activate screen, which is users will have the option to buy an activation code.

From now on, whenever users are making or getting a phone call, there is always a Record feature with Start and Stop functions.


Note: iOS Call Recorder works with jailbroken devices running iOS 7 – 9.1.

AudioRecorder 2

Another paid tweak called AudioRecorder 2, which provides some decent iPhone calls recording features for jailbroken iOS device.

Unlike iOS Call Recorder, this tweak allows iPhone users to record even more than just their phone call. It has support for Facetime, Viber, Skype, Tango, LINE, and so much more. When the recording is over, users will have options to save it to Dropbox or Google Drive and this feature can be set to automatic.

AudioRecorder 2 will record directly any sound coming out of the. Thus, it does not use any remote server. As a result, users can always record the iPhone calls without the internet connection. Do not worry about privacy and legal issues because before users use this tweak, there will be a popup telling everything about it. Furthermore, this tweak will automatically notify the other people that the call is being recorded.


This tweak is now on sale for $3.99 from Limneos.

How to install AudioRecorder 2:

  1. Open the Cydia app and add this source:
  2. Using the Search option, type in AudioRecorder 2
  3. Purcahse > Install > Confirm

There is also a standalone app after users install this tweak; it will contain all the phone calls recording as well as Settings in which users can freely configure.



CallRecorder is a free tweak on Cydia. Users can download and install it but features will be limited.

“…in the trial mode it will record only the first 10 seconds of every call.”

However, if users just want a basic tool to record the phone conversation, save it as MP3 file then this tweak is the best one in term of pricing.

Once users install CallRecorder from the ModMyi repo, there is no option to configure so users can start recording right away. After the conversation is over, users can share or export each call to different apps and outlets.

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