Points to Ponder Before Buying an iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch | becareful When buying an iPhone

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Recently, the case of cheating people when buying iPhones sells people a new phone, but really b / y i.e “transformer” assembled from spare parts. Fans of iPhones – beware!



Follow up the Instructions Before Buying an iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

Step 1: Examine the sealed box, it should be no dents or visible damage and be packed in plastic, good quality materials, durable box. 


Step 2: Trim unit: box, iPhone (must be a new protective films), headphones (should be packed in the film), charging cable with date (should be packed in the film), and a set of documentation, is still going to open the carriage clip sim cards. 

Step 3: iPhone 5S, 4S iPhone 4 Obverse iPhone 5s, 4s back side of iPhone 4s, 4

(Just Like…) When buying a vehicle be sure to check: 

i. serial number on the box (the back side of the box) . red circled model. Serial No. about – is the serial number. IMEI the same but have the picture erased serial number arrowed It looks like a box apparatus for America. recharges

iiTake the unit – inspect it to be sure externally visible damage on, use a paperclip carriage take out the micro sim card and check the serial number on the SIM card and the carriage imei (numbers must match so that the box in the unit). 

iiiIf the phone is activated, go to settings, then in the main, more about the device and check the serial number (must match the number of the box and slide the sim card.) 

iv. If the phone is not activated that turn iPhone, press and hold the Power (top button) until it is activated (2-4 seconds, if not, attach the included charging and charge 5 minutes, you can re-charge from the wall outlet or laptop via the USB port), when the iPhone is turned on, the screen picture to connect to a computer with an Internet iPhone and launch iTunes (depending which language and settings in iTunes that such language and time will be set when activated in the iPhone). 

  • In iTunes should automatically start the activation process. It happens that the iPhone is not defined, it must be connected to another port USB. 
  • The activation process is automatic and does not take much time, agree with Apple license agreements and click the button below. Upon completion of the activation on the iPhone screen displays a message that the device is activated and have access to the desktop (it’s called the iPhone SpringBoard) Set the micro sim card (if you have activated without it).
  • iPhone at this point should register with the local network and in the top of the screen name appears in the operator if there is no result, then insert the sim card and wait a couple of minutes of registration in a cellular network. 
  • We make a test call (is that the seller does not want to remove the protective film is not yet convinced that you take the device, and therefore the dynamics of the sound to be quiet as she closes the speaker). 
  • If you have cellular network was defined, a test call is perfect, it means that the iPhone is not zalochenny and running then it’s time to check 3 of the present manual. 

Could it be that your machine Refurbished. restored at the factory, and can be built from parts of different vehicles hitherto thrust into a new body of tested and cast in resale. Serial number of such devices begins on the 5K is restored. If the numbers do not match (p.1-3), then you have the box from one phone, the board itself from another phone and SIM card carriage from the third (such options I’ve seen). 

Step 4: Next, go here: Check iPhone

enter the serial number and get the information about the phone. 

Result will look like this (example) : 

Serial number: 8283553WY7K 

Name: iPhone 3G 

Model: iphone_3g 

Group1: iPhone 


Generation: 2

ModelCode: iphone_3g 

Machine Model: iPhone1, 2 

Model introduced: 2008 

Production year: 2008 

Production week: 35 (September) 

Production number: 5912 (within this Week) 

Introduced test: Goed CPU Speed: 400MHz 

Family name: A1241 

Screen Size: 3.5 inch 

Screen resolution: 480×320 pixels 

Colour : Black 

Capacity: 16GB

Factory: 82 (China) 

External Link: Technical Specifications by apple-history.com 

From the example that the device 3g, released in September 2008 ., color – black, 16GB memory. (The given prog enjoyed myself more than once.) Check the machine is locked or not: (if the unit is activated, it will be more complete infa) Click Here  For which country is iPhone read here: From what country your iPhone

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