How To Fix Skype App Not Loading On iPad

Skype is currently one of the most popular messaging apps for both personal and business purposes. Skype allows you to make free video calls, share files and send instant messages with anyone in your

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Common iOS 12.1.2 Problems And Their Fixes

The iOS 12.1.2 update includes fixes for a number of problems, but iOS users have still discovered problems in this public update. The current list of problems in iOS 12.1.2 is screen time problem,

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Hands On New iPad Pro 11

Just a month after the release of three new iPhone variants: iPhone Xs, iPhone Xs Max, iPhone Xr, Apple continued to launch the new iPad towards the end of the year. However, the new

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How to show two Safari windows using Split View

There is a dual-window feature on iPad, called Split View that allows you to run multiple apps side by side. However, unfortunately, it doesn’t currently support multi-app instancing. Saying in other words, you are

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How to Recover Text Messages on iOS

Your emotions from losing a text message might be disappointed. Deleting an important date or not seeing a final message from your beloved people, or losing text messages might be an emotional situation. Before

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How to switch AirPlay audio outputs in iOS 11

In iOS 11, Apple has completely revamped Control Center, making it more customizable and intuitive. You now can customize Control Center to meet your needs and daily activities. The coolest part is that you

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