Tips To Extend Your iPhone Battery Life

Starting with iOS 13, Apple has added a new feature to prolong battery life and limit overheating when charging your phone overnight. This is to reduce the background workload and to reduce the battery

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How to Update Apps In iOS 13 And iPadOS 13

The latest iOS version has already changed the way that users update apps on both iOS devices. Many of you might know that Apple has silently removed the Updates button from its App Store.

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How to print iPhone Messages on Mac

I know many of you here might never hear about iMazing. Those who don’t know it’s a software app that can help you easily manage your iOS devices. Aside from their features, you can

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iPhone Touch Screen Not Working? How To Fix it

While iPhones are still great phones until now, it starts occurring problems. Many iPhone  users encountered a few issues when their iPhone touch screen became completely unresponsive or was not working. This case is

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How To Manage Apple Music Subscription

If you are subscribing to Apple Music, maybe there is a time when you try to change or cancel your subscription since you want to switch to a different plan like Spotify or you

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How to fix caller ID not working on iPhone XR

One of the important features on an iPhone is Caller ID. This feature isn’t always free of charges since some service providers require the subscription and payment for the service. In iPhone running on

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