New Features Of The AirPods in iOS 14

Recently, Apple has officially released its new operating system – iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 alongside the new products. Not only that the new version of iOS improves the performance of the iPhone, it

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Tips To Extend Your iPhone Battery Life

Starting with iOS 13, Apple has added a new feature to prolong battery life and limit overheating when charging your phone overnight. This is to reduce the background workload and to reduce the battery

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How to Update Apps In iOS 13 And iPadOS 13

The latest iOS version has already changed the way that users update apps on both iOS devices. Many of you might know that Apple has silently removed the Updates button from its App Store.

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Common iOS 12.1.2 Problems And Their Fixes

The iOS 12.1.2 update includes fixes for a number of problems, but iOS users have still discovered problems in this public update. The current list of problems in iOS 12.1.2 is screen time problem,

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How to disable Voicemail on iPhone

If you are a businessmen/woman or busy person, voice mail service is very useful as you have to receive a lot of calls in a day, and some of them have to be left

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How to improve Battery Life on iOS 10

Battery life is always a knotty issue on iOS devices. There are many reasons to blame if your iDevice battery drains fast. If you are finding it hard to fix the fast battery consumption

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