How to control your HomePod from iOS and Mac

Apple officially launched the HomePod, the company’s first smart speaker, to the public following the unveiling event back in 2017. The new HomePod marks Apple’s first step into the smart speaker market where it

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How to install Windows 10 on your Mac

macOS is getting better and better every time Apple releases new software updates. macOS High Sierra is not a significant upgrade over its predecessor, but it includes a lot of new things that are

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Steps to turn on Dark Mode on Youtube

Recently, YouTube has released a cool Dark Mode to those who’ve got its Material Design look. Before we head to how to enable this mode, please make sure that you’re running Chrome 57 or later version. Steps to

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How to fix if Macbook won’t copy

Copy or copy data is an operation you will always encounter when using any device have data that can interact, the computer is one of them and of course Macbook is not an exception.

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How to Take Screen Shot on Apple OSX and Mac

How do you take a screenshot of my Mac? How can I change the location where it is saved? Can I change the format during shooting? There is software to simplify operations? OSXiOS Expert can answers to

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Swift | A New Programming Language from Apple WWDC 2014

Apple annual developer conference WWDC, Apple introduced a number of software innovations, including desktop operating system OS X Yosemite and mobile platform iOS 8 . But perhaps the most surprising news was the announcement of its own programming language Swift. It

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