Comparing iPhone battery life: Apple watch ON Vs Apple watch OFF

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After the launch of the Apple watch earlier this month, users who’ve pre-ordered the product are now receiving their shipments. While according to some the experience had been good so far. The battery life of the device itself is found to be good so far, giving a battery backup of almost an entire day.




But the battery backup of the iPhone with which the watch is paired seems to have difference in the opinions of the consumers. Some people have found an overall improvement in the battery life of their iPhones, this might be due to the fact that the notifications are now handled by the watch itself, so this imparts less stress over the iPhone’s battery.



But there are also some consumers who are complaining about the battery drain which they’ve faced on their iPhones after pairing their watch. It is to be noted that, the apple watch is connected with the iPhone via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi so as to send notifications directly from iPhone to the watch.

Several discussions online have suggested that either this is due to the usage patterns which varies with different individuals or might be because of some software bug.

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