A Complete Guide on WhatsApp : WhatsApp that Killed SMS

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WhatsApp: who took over the SMS

WhatsApp is a well-known instant messaging app for iPhone, Android and Windows Phone, usable in place of SMS and MMS. It allows you to send and receive text messages, sound, photographs and videos to other contacts who use the same service, all for free: it is enough to have an Internet connection, preferably 3G. It has several hidden features and offers the ability to make a backup of conversations. You can download it and use it for free for one year, after which you have to pay a small amount. The service does not contain advertising.


WhatsApp is an application for instant messaging and one of the more popular app in the world, with millions of users that use it on iPhone, Android and Windows Phone. Its operation is very simple, thanks to this excellent and perfect substitute for SMS and MMS, which is even free of charge. The growth of the service has been swirling, but the threshold of 450 million users has done the turning point for a total value of $ 16 billion, Facebook has acquired WhatsApp by bringing the two communities under the same roof.


Without directing the details of two groups: nothing will change immediately for users. If  the convergence between two services in perspective is must,  then in reality, WhatsApp will continue to operate independently, without advertising and without immediate integration with Facebook.


What is WhatsApp

The app works like SMS and MMS and allows you to send / receive text messages, sounds, voice notes, videos, photographs, notes, and contact information to other users (individuals or groups) who is using the same service. The only requirement is to have a compatible phone, and an always-on Internet connection – better with an unlimited data plan – and the recipients must also have installed the same app. WhatsApp All accounts are linked to the cell phone number of person receiving the service: the address book remains absolutely private and no one else will have access to your contacts.


WhatsApp is free of charge?

Either version of iOS than on Android and Windows Phone,  WhatsApp can be downloaded and used free of charge for a period of time equal to twelve months , after which you will need to sign up for a  subscription  to continue to use it: an extra year will cost 0.89 euro , three-year 2.40 euro and five years of 3.34 euro , there is no difference between the free version and the paid version of the app. Subscriptions are cumulative, so for every possible second subscription will be added to the current or the free trial period. Payment can be made ​​by credit card, PayPal or Google Wallet, and in some cases – depending on the telephone operator of belonging – even with a charge from the phone credit.


The various  hoaxes  that have literally send millions of users in crisis: the main ones see the app ready to become a fee less than send a warning message to at least ten contacts, as well as a curious transformation of the logo that would become blue (in some cases green) after performing the same procedure. In all cases it was futile Chain letters that it is never good to believe because, in addition to the obvious annoyance procured and fool the collection, could even hide malicious links, can perpetrate malware, scams and other pitfalls.

Not only is the cost of the application is null the first year and limited to the following years, but also allows to use substantial savings due to the fact that it becomes quite futile, archaic, cumbersome and outdated the use of SMS . Not surprisingly, the collapse of the text messages of 160 characters is often charged just Whatsapp and other similar instruments: The exploitation of data traffic allows significant savings on the cost of using the terminal and poses no objective limits to the quantity of communications initiated.

Installation, activation and smartphone compatible with WhatsApp


There are several versions of WhatsApp, dedicated specifically to iPhone, to Android smartphones and those based on Windows Phone . Does not work with Wi-Fi only devices and does not work with iPad or iPod touch, unless it is jailbroken (which, however, leads to the invalidation of the guarantee). WhatsApp for iOS requires iOS 4.3 or later, to the green robot instead you need at least Android 2.1 and higher, whereas for Windows Phone must pass for release 7.5 or 8 In the latter case, it is strongly recommended to take advantage of device capable of supporting Windows Phone 8, as with previous versions there were actual black-out that WhatsApp does not allow you to make the best use of the application.


All the details on the individual versions are available in the appropriate user guides:

To install the app  you need to search, and download from the App Store  , depending on the terminal owned, and implement the same procedure followed for downloading any other app. When run for the first time, the service will ask for a phone number to be activated using a code that you will receive via SMS. Once you have entered the code also, it will automatically go to your address book by importing contacts and from there you can start texting with someone and send multimedia content.


The import of contacts is a fundamental operation for the good of the service that the user experience: the buddy list gets created on their community service and allows you to bypass the sending of SMS messages through simple use of the Wifi network or traffic data available .

The versions of WhatsApp for iPhone, Android and Windows Phone provide exactly the same functionality but differ only in the user interface , designed by the team based on the style of each of the three operating systems.In the past, the release of the app for Windows Phone was devoid of the more advanced features, which are present in the other versions, but thanks to an update introduced in July of 2013 no longer any difference, and it’s even smoother and faster.

WhatsApp for Mac


At the moment WhatsApp for Mac does not exist and such failure is due to a specific reason: the service binds the user’s identity to the SIM card, generating a process of identifying closely related to the mobile world. However, those who want to experiment with the use of the application on your desktop has the ability to download an emulator for Android which BlueStacks, thereby undertaking despite having to overcome a series of incompatibilities related to the use of the same account on multiple terminals.

Despite what you might read on the Web, in short, the reality is this: WhatsApp for Mac does not exist. There is only a ploy to use it on a PC in the mobile version, but this is a stopgap solution at the time that the group does not support in any way through official channels.


How much data traffic consumes WhatsApp?

You can use WhatsApp in two different ways: one under Wi-Fi network and the other on 3G or LTE. In the first case there is no reason to worry about the traffic data that could consume the service, while those who have a limited mobile plan should be careful not to stay within the amount of MB or GB offered by your carrier. Specifically, for simple text messages – or entire conversations – WhatsApp consumes very little power, up to 5 kb per message , but in the case of the reception of multimedia content consumption will depend on the weight of the file itself. In stand-by service has no minimum fuel consumption if not “ping” useful for the maintenance of the app (such as updating the last time you logged in, however, data freely available to the reading of others) .


The hidden functions

In addition to the basic functions, WhatsApp also has some features different from those of a classic messaging service. Several useful example is the group chat , which allows conversations with a maximum of 30 people (50 per phones that do not have an iPhone); there is also the possibility to send a broadcast message , the equivalent of an email sent in BCC, to block a user side, to measure traffic data and used to share media and other data through a single button.

How to set up your user profile

Each user has an account WhatsApp customizable : by installing the app and playing it for the first time will automatically start a process to set the profile picture, name, and a status message.Then you can change them whenever you want, simply by going to Settings and click on “Profile”.

How to send messages, pictures, audio and video files

WhatsApp is perfect for saving SMS . Start a conversation with one person or with a group of contacts is very simple: just launch the app, locate the contact (or contacts) with which you want to chat, and start writing as if you were typing a text message. To send an image, an audio file or a video just open a conversation with a friend, tap the corresponding button located in the upper right (arrowhead on the iPhone and Windows Phone, paperclip on Android) and choose the content to be sent. To  add a friend to the list of WhatsApp  is necessary that his phone number is in the phonebook of the phone. Then just open the app and refresh the screen Favorites, which is called on Android but “Select contacts”.

If you change your phone number?

WhatsApp offers several options for those who change the phone number. If you do it in a definitive way , you can delete your old account and then verify the new number; if you plan to use in the future the old number or if you do not want to delete the account , there is a small shortcut useful and easy: delete and reinstall the app. Whoever does not want to lose all of the conversations  made ​​must necessarily be backed up or export the chat via email, in a text file. To do a manual backup just go on WhatsApp-> Menu-> Settings-> Chat-> Back up the conversation; for export rather than the need to touch and hold on the conversation (or group), select [Send chat via email] and may choose whether to attach a media.

What to do in case of phone theft?

In the event that the user was stolen smartphone, there is a way to ensure that nobody can use your account unduly WhatsApp. After locking the SIM card and reported the crime, you should send the developer a ‘ email with your phone number stolen (written in full international format), which will proceed to deactivate your account. This step is recommended because, with the locked SIM and phone service disabled, the thief could still use your account with a free Wi-Fi, however, creating no little embarrassment in case of uncontrollable and unverifiable communications with any acquaintances.

Once you have recovered your phone number, you can activate a new account, starting from the same number previously blocked, returning in full swing on WhatsApp.

You can recover deleted chat?

WhatsApp allows you to recover lost messages as automatically performs backups every 24 hours and saves it to the phone memory . The instructions for doing so are very simple: just delete the app, reinstall it and then click the [Reset]. At this point the chat deleted should reappear. WhatsApp does not store users’ messages on their servers but only locally on the device in use by the owner of the account.



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