CoySim- Disable ‘No SIM Card Installed’ message

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‘No SIM Card Installed’ or ‘Invalid SIM’ is the message that iPhone users usually have to face. However, these messages are completely normal, and you do not have to bother. You only need a standard SIM (MicroSIM or NanoSIM) to put into the device. Then the message will automatically disappear.


However, some feedbacks of users said that they have still received the message ‘No SIM Card Installed “when using a SIM card in the device. If you encounter problems, some of the following ways can be helpful to you.

Method 1: Restart your iPhone.

Method 2: Activate ‘Airplane mode’ in a short time.

Method 3: Update your device to the latest iOS version.

Method 4: Check your SIM card and make sure it can still function normally.

Disable ‘No SIM Card Installed “message

Some iPhone users do not insert SIM on their device to use as an iPod. However, they will often be annoyed by the message ‘No SIM Card Installed’. Fortunately, there is a jailbreak tweak on Cydia called CoySIM, this tweak will help you to disable the SIM card notification on your iPhone/ iPad.

CoySIM is a free tweak available on your Cydia from Bigboss source. After installing this tweak, it will give you some options. One of the options will help you to disable the message ‘No SIM Card Installed’. Another useful function of this tweak is to change the message ‘No SIM’ in the notification bar into ‘No Service’.


Moreover, iPhone users can also set up to disable Carrier SIM card name in the notification bar (Status Bar). However, this feature requires Zeppelin tweak installed.

This tweak is useful for those who only use the iPhone for entertainment purposes such as listening to music, watching videos or surfing the internet … Users can still use all available apps on iOS in a normal way.

Note that: CoySIM completely free on Cydia and compatible with devices using iOS 8- iOS 9.

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