Crop Photos With Preview Application Available in Mac OSX

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The preparation of OSXiOS Expert proposes a simple guide to show you how to crop photos with the Mac’s native Preview application in Mac OS X without using third-party app.

Cropping images is a vital editing function for each user, as it helps to improve your shooting, so as to eliminate the unnecessary parts or to focus on only a certain part of the picture.Although many Mac users use third party applications to achieve the purpose, even the native application Preview of OS X lets achieve a good result with ease. Here’s how to crop photos with the Mac Preview application.

Open Preview Application and Select Crop

1 – First you need to open the image file that you want to crop using the Preview app natively in Mac OS X. You then need to open the toolbar of the editing tools, accessible with a simple click on the icon containing a small pencil shown followed.


Select The Crop Selection

2 – At this point you need to choose the Rectangular Marquee tool, which is usually set as the default choice.


Create an Outline and Press the Crop Buttom

3 – After selecting this tool, you can trace the outlines of the picture you want to crop. Finally, it is necessary to press the Crop button present on the top.


Cropped Image

4 – The image will be cropped and displayed immediately in a new window preview. Finally, you can save the new image already cut through the classic function File this under the heading.



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