How to Delete iCloud Account Using iPhone and iPad

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Currently iCloud is one of the most popular and essential services Apple. Cupertinovtsy first shown as a cloud service should work, how necessary functionality it should have, and this set the vector field across the cloud. Use iCloud learned everything, but how to change or remove iCloud from your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch few know.


In practice, the removal of iCloud account only takes a few seconds. It is important to only iterate over the path:

Settings -> iCloud -> Delete account -> Delete.

And like a done deal, but it should be understood that each device stores a lot of information that is synchronized with iCloud.


What data do you need to save before deleting an iCloud Account :

1. Pictures of the photostream. To be clear, each picture, which falls into the library gadget is first copied to the photostream. Therefore, if your photostream have pictures from other devices (eg, stored on MacBook), they must be transferred to the library of your gadget, otherwise they will be lost. Before you decide to delete your account, it is important to clarify this point: it is better to check several times, than sorry.


2. If you delete or change the account iCloud, a device will erase all the documents. We are talking about applications iWork. Therefore, if the documents you need, it is better to send them by e-honor on iTunes or copy any other way. Also, get ready to say goodbye to savegames for games – they are stored in iCloud and will be deleted along with the account.

Other data: contacts, videos, SMS messages will remain intact. After you delete your account, calendar, contacts, memos, and so on. D. Did not disappear forever: you can access the online version of, and get everything you need there. But with your gadget, all information will be erased in order to create a clean iCloud-account with new information. If you suddenly decide to restore your old account, all the information back into place.


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