How to Delete Instagram Comment from iPhone and iPad [Instructions]

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  • Sometimes, there are many unknown users who post comments on any of our videos or photos or Instagram you may not like it or decide to deactivate your account to get rid of such comments.
  • We’ll teach you how to delete these comments from Instagram on your iPhone and iPad using simple steps instead of deactivating your account.

Learn how to Remove and Report Comments Instagram

Instagram can be a wonderful social network to share photos and videos, both with our friends and family which was the initial idea when Instagram was being created ,but as we know that the tools ,especially social networks evolve over time, differing enough from their initial idea.

Of course the king of selfies, Instagram, which has evolved over an year, not only allows you to upload photos, you can also post short videos and know days it is used for advertising purpose.


It seems that Instagram has lately become a place to promote products and profiles of some other users which is sometimes annoying . In fact, in some of the pictures I uploaded, shortly after publishing have added two comments that had nothing to do with the photo and all they did was to promote profiles, pages and tags related to other things.

But sometimes the comments are a little (or a lot) there which may have nothing to do with the photo and individuals with no education of it. So if you find such comments to be rude, offensive, or you do not want to appear in the photograph or video, here is the solution .You can delete it or report abuse in a very simple way. Some may already know how to do it, but this little tutorial is dedicated to those who still do not know about it. Do we accompany you?

How to report and delete Instagram Comment

1 Open the application Instagram  from the home screen of your iPhone or iPad
2. Head to the photo or video that has the comment you want to delete or report. 
3. Tap the Comment button just as if you were to leave a comment. 
4. Now locate the comment that you do not want to go there. 
5. Move your finger on the comment and two options appears. 
6. Click the button to trash.
7. Now you can choose whether you want to delete the comment or you want to report it as abuse.


As you see it is quite easy to get rid of those annoying comments and do not want to take our picture or video. Already You knew this method? If you have any questions, and check back with us in the comments below, we will be happy to help.


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