How to Delete iPhone Backup | Remove Old iPhone and iPad Backup

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  • Backing your device from time to time, is the best way to recover your data if needed.
  • When copies are no longer useful or are very old, it is better to delete them for saving unnecessary utilization of space.
  • This tutorial show you how to get rid of those copies that take up space on your computer or iCloud account.


Backup only useful data

Backing up your iPhone , is the best way to ensure that we can retrieve all the data  if something goes wrong.

It might be possible at some point  we want to delete the backup taken by iTunes or iCloud. Deleting backup may damage files, or your device may run out of storage space on your Mac or iCloud, leading some abnormal conditions in your device.


Whatever may be the reason, there is a solution for it. So through this article we’ll teach you How to delete  iPhone and iCloud backup files.

Keep in mind that this tutorial focus on deleting backup files of iPhone, the steps are exactly same as deleting backup files for iPad.

Deleting iPhone Backup from iTunes

Let’s see how you can delete unnecessary backup file directly from iTunes .

1. Open iTunes.

2. On the top of the bar, go to iTunes – Preferences (if you use Windows, go to Edit – Preferences)


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3. Within preferences, select  “Devices” tab .


4. Now we can see a list of all backup files that have been made ​​in the team, all devices are synchronized in our iTunes account . As we can see, all backup files of  iPhone and iPad,  it is possible that some of the files may be quite old and may not serve longer. So, the best we can do is delete them to free up some space . You can select multiple backups at once by holding down the Command key on the keyboard while selecting the files that are to be deleted.


5. Next step is to click on Delete Backup button, a popup window will ask for confirmation to delete backup, press Delete to do so or cancel if you don”t want the backup to be deleted.


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