WhatsApp on Mac : Installation and Operation | Download & Installation Whatsapp on Mac

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WhatsApp for Mac does not exist, but you can still use a little trick here is a guide to install it and use it from your Macbook, iMac, Mac Pro.


WhatsApp users can know install it even on Mac, but only through a loophole: the well-known instant messaging application in fact has not been officially brought on computer but you can still get benefit from it via BlueStacks Player , an emulator that plays WhatsApp for Android also available for Windows and Mac.

Inside the emulator, WhatsApp for Mac works just as on smartphones but it is good to know that it can not be used simultaneously on two devices, at least not with the same number. This is because the application binds the identity of the SIM card, which means that you should wake up every time for the app on your phone and then on your computer (and so on ad infinitum), making no practicality. The only feasible method to use it comfortably on your Mac is to use a telephone number other than the one with which you use the app on your smartphone, and then register and activate the app directly emulated by Bluestacks.

Guide to download and install WhatsApp on Mac


To download WhatsApp for PC you must first download BlueStacks App Player from the official site.



  • Once completed with the download , you have to open the file ( BlueStacks-SplitInstaller_native.dmg ) and then
  • click first on “Run”, then on “Yes” and “Continue”. 
  • Remove the check mark from the three options extras and complete the installation by clicking on “Install” and then click “Accept.” 
  • At this point, the game start screen BlueStacks, simply click on the magnifying glass placed at the top and type in “WhatsApp”. 
  • After having initiated and completed the download, you can open the software from the board of installed applications, or in the folder MyApps .
  • After clicking on “Confirm” and “Continue” you must proceed with the classic setup procedure – already known to those who use WhatsApp on your smartphone – or by entering the phone number chosen for the app on the PC, including the international code. 
  • Double-click “OK” you will receive the confirmation code via SMS to be included in the app to activate it.
  • Alternatively, you can test your voice by choosing “Call me”, by which time you will receive a phone call promptly inform the activation code. 
  • Once inserted in the space, you can use WhatsApp for PC and even create your own profile to be recognized easily from your contacts. At this point the app for PC work exactly in the same way that you use on your smartphone, including the personal address book also.

Beware of hoaxes – In Installing WhatsApp on Mac or PC

WhatsApp (available in an official capacity for iPhone , Android and Windows Phone ) is so well known that there are also those who try to take the opportunity to cheat users for profit. On Facebook ,an advertisement  may circulates that invites you to download and use WhatsApp for PC , using the same name and official logo, but in reality it may be a non-existent version of the app which takes the user to subscribe to involuntarily Playroom , a service in which payment may be activated when you enter your mobile number. It has nothing to do with WhatsApp, you should pay close attention for not to use such adds because by signing, the subscription amount may be charged 5 euro per week (+ any WAP determined by your service provider) directly from the phone number entered.

SIM: a question of identity

If Whatsapp has not yet landed in an official capacity of the desktop world , avoiding it at this time for PC and building their fortunes in the mobile essentially, the reason is all in the way the app handles the user’s identity. Identification is in fact done by using SIM , which is not available on PC. Due to this reason, Whatsapp  having a very special nature, it is consider very different from the entire competition.

To transform a hypothetical WhatsApp ,WhatsApp for PC would therefore require an identification system capable of abstracting the identity from the SIM card, thus allowing a bridge between the online and mobile world. In the past it was thought that it would be able to get Whatsapp on PC through Facebook , but in reality the two worlds would be competing on the chat and on the interchanges personal and group. Therefore, the most likely thing is that Whatsapp to remain in the mobile World, where he built his fortune in the belief that more and more users with SIM can only try the approach of this application but it’s not that Whatsapp  cannot go to the world of computers. Whatsapp for PC will be a reality, but not in the way it is imagined to date.

Update: a few hours after suggesting a link between Facebook and WhatsApp, all materialized under the weight of $ 16 billion: Facebook has acquired WhatsApp and now that a “bridge between the internet world and the mobile world” exists the horizon is changing so much of the social network, as the messenger. Therefore,soon  WhatsApp for PC would really arise, and probably it already exists: it’s called Facebook.


Whatsapp for Mac: Alternative – Get WhatsApp on Mac

If  Whatsapp for PC today is not a viable solution through official channels, the user has, however, a long list of alternatives you can experiment.  Have Whatsapp on your PC simply by allowing them to chat with their contacts at no cost, which is as much a novelty in the mobile world,  just as it is in the desktop world.

If you bring your buddy list Whatsapp on PC which is not possible today, but you can groped to replicate it on other services that can serve as effective functional alternative. Any messenger is usable, but only a few names can act as a real alternative in terms of operating or community. Two names of all: Facebook and Skype , that are the two most important community and  in which all probability is already enrolled which can find their Whatsapp contacts. These two names can also add a third alternative, ideally the nearest to the nature of Whatsapp: Line . This is a service created in the mobile world, but it also offers its services on the Web messenger.



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