Swift | A New Programming Language from Apple WWDC 2014

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Apple annual developer conference WWDC, Apple introduced a number of software innovations, including desktop operating system OS X Yosemite and mobile platform iOS 8 . But perhaps the most surprising news was the announcement of its own programming language Swift. It can be used in applications simultaneously with C and Objective C.



Apple is positioning the new Swift as powerful programming language for iOS and OS X. It is designed for Cocoa and Cocoa Touch and combines the performance and efficiency of compiled languages ​​with the simplicity and interactivity popular scripting languages.


In Cupertino Master Geeks mentioned about swift that it is – faster than Objective C or Python, as proof of Apple demonstrated table with comparisons. The company said that with the help of Swift can write anything you want, starting with social applications and ending the game. To show the possibilities of Swift, company representatives directly during the presentation of written application, and it took the strength of a few minutes.


Purpose of Swift Language

Swift designed so as to assist developers in creating a safer and more trusted code, while eliminating the entire common categories of software errors. Manual programming language is free available in iTunes , language information is found on the company’s website for developers.


The final version of Swift will be available this fall, and applications created in this language may be published in the App Store and Mac App Store when new operating systems Apple.

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